Let's download and use popular materials from ASSETS





There are more than 50,000 published Celsys official and user-created materials in Clip Studio ASSETS.


As if choosing new art media at a paint shop or a craft store, please try downloading and drawing with various materials.

*You can also use the trial version to download materials.


How to download                  

1. Start Clip Studio and click on [ASSETS] located on the left-hand side menu. ASSETS will then be displayed on the right-hand side of the window (in the tablet and smartphone versions, the browser will launch).


2. From the bottom, you can select the "Recommended materials" for the type of work you want to create.


3. From the displayed list of materials, download and use the ones that most interest you.


For details on how to download free materials, please refer to this article.


For details on how to import downloaded materials, please refer to this article.



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