Adjust your pens and brushes to produce the line quality you desire





Let's adjust the pen pressure and brush settings to draw the kinds of lines you prefer with Clip Studio Paint.


The initial settings are ready-made to draw with as they are, but by adjusting your pens and brushes, you can find the settings that suit you best. Since pen pressure and touch preferences vary from person to person, it is a good idea to adjust them several times until you are completely satisfied.


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■How to adjust the pen pressure


Adjust the settings with the canvas open.

Select the [File] menu ([CLIP STUDIO PAINT] menu > [Pen pressure settings] for macOS/iPad) and display the [Pen Pressure Settings] dialog box.


Using a pen, draw on the canvas with varying pressure.


Clicking [Check adjusted results] will display the [Check adjusted results] dialog box, and allow you to draw on the canvas with the adjusted results.

Click the [Complete] button to apply this pen pressure setting to all tools.


For details on adjusting the pen pressure detection level, please refer to this article.







■ Adjusting pens and brushes


Modifications in [size], [starting and ending] and [correction] of the pens and brushes can be adjusted in the [Tool Property] palette.

In the [Sub Tool Detail] palette, you can adjust even more details that are not displayed in the [Tool Property] palette.


If the palette is not displayed on the screen, it will appear when you select the [Window] menu -> [Tool Property] - [Sub Tool Detail].

*The [Sub Tool Detail] palette cannot be used in DEBUT.


For details on pen pressure settings and the property adjustment function for individual tools, please refer to this article.


For information on how to make brushes from original images, please take a look at this article.



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