9. Painting (1): Cards



Next is the difficult task of painting all these cards!

To begin with, I thought I could use the same pattern for all of them and copy and transform it. . . but the patterns are all different. . .

So I’ll paint the cards one by one.

Of course, using copies can sometimes create a lazy effect, so it’s good to carefully hand-paint the cards as they are a main element of the illustration.

Sometimes this kind of subtle detail makes all the difference.

I paint the cards carefully one by one, aiming to create a random feeling and increase the amount of content in the illustration.

When drawing the pattern on the cards, I vary the colors to create a sense of distance.

I paint a Q on the closest card.

I don’t want to spend a lot of time painting the face cards, so I placed the queen of hearts where the card is just peeking into the frame. I also placed it here because the queen of hearts is closely associated with Alice in Wonderland.

This is how it looks when I’ve finished painting the cards.

I create a new layer and set the blending mode to [Add (Glow)], then paint some highlights.

Now I’ve finished the cards.



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