What is the popular work in stock illustration?



In the beginning

Do you all know stock photos?

Stock photography is a service that can be used by making necessary materials for advertising etc. in advance and paying the fee for use by the necessary people.
It is a service that started from photos, but now it has spread to various genres such as illustrations, videos and music.

In the world of stock photography, a variety of people drawing illustrations with professional, sideline, hobby etc post and sell their works, and some of them earn millions of yen a year.
This time, I would like to explain the mechanism of stock photos (stock illustrations) and what works are popular!

[Commentary: PIXTA (Pixta)]
It is a site that sells advertising materials (photographs, illustrations and videos) that started service in 2006.
Professionals and amateurs can register if they register, and the submitted work will be released after being reviewed for suitability.


What kind of person do you post?

People who are drawing illustrations as a hobby on holiday, those who are aspiring to illustrator, and those who are produced as a sideline during parenting and work, various people are active as creators regardless of age, gender, professional or amateur You

Where are they used?

It is often used for corporate activities such as flyers, promotional materials, web advertisements and sites, but uses such as TVs and personal blogs are expanding.
In the case of illustration, it is sometimes used for cartoons of books and textbooks, greeting cards, part of package design, etc. When it is rare, it is also used for design of smartphone cases.

Where you are unaware, you may also see stock illustrations.

What kind of illustration is popular?

Buyers use the material they buy to create ads, articles, etc., not to enjoy and enjoy their work.
Illustrations that are conscious of what they are for advertising and articles, and how they are used are popular.

There is a demand for such works!

So far, seasonal background materials, design parts and pretty illustrations with few headlines have been popular, but recently there has been an increase in advertising cartoons and animation pages, and demand for various types of illustrations has increased.

It will become commonplace that business books will be made into comics, and needs for manga and illustrations will increase more than ever.


If you are interested in selling illustrations in stock photos, please check out the PIXTA site.


From next time, creators who are active in CLIP STUDIO ASSETS will try to sell materials on PIXTA!



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