How to use clip studio in stock illustration production



This time, we will introduce the functions and tools of CLIP STUDIO PAINT, which are frequently used in stock illustration production.

Illustration using the "ruler" tool

Commonly used in the [Ruler] tool are [Symmetric ruler] and [Perpace ruler].

[Symmetry ruler] can draw symmetrical lines easily when drawing a person facing front.
[Perth ruler] is useful for drawing straight items such as a computer, as well as drawing a house or furniture on the background.

The operation of [Perth ruler] may seem difficult at first.
As it is explained in detail in the official usage course, I think that you can acquire the technology efficiently if you use it.

Illustration using vector layer

If the illustration becomes complicated, it will take time to correct the protruding lines and so on.
Another way to separate layers is to use the Vector Layer instead of the regular Raster Layer.

The feature of the vector is that the data is not lost even if it is repeatedly scaled.
In addition, tools provided in CLIP STUDIO PAINT can be used to partially edit the drawn lines.
However, vector layers can not use the fill tool or process complex images.

Cut out the illustration and add a PNG image

Normal JPEG images can not hold transparent data, but saving as PNG images can make part of the illustration transparent.
White is placed under the illustration, and "clipping" is performed by making the background transparent.

In CLIP STUDIO PAINT, you can shorten the work time by adjusting the setting of the fill tool.

Create a "for white" layer under the line and fill folder. I made another color layer under it to make it easy to understand.
Fill the area with the fill layer white when you surround the edge. If this is left, there will be a gap between the brush and the fill.
I made "region scaling" of the tool property positive. This will eliminate the gap.
You can add a PNG image on the detail page of the registered illustration.

With pixta

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Professionals and amateurs can register if they register, and the submitted work will be released after being reviewed for suitability.

Author profile: Otsuka Azusa

I'm a freelance illustrator.
I was working for DTP, but I started stock photos to study illustrations.
I also do a little illustration production and design of Web / printed matter.



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