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Well, I am not gonna give you a specific tutorial, but I want to give you the free brush set that I used to make this fantasy tutorial. I make this brush set for all of you who love Fantasy Art mostly with the oil brush painting brush stroke. I put 9 brush set that you can use for your Fantasy Art, and 5 (CSP Original) brush so you can use this brush set easily. well, download the brush through this link below.

Brush Stroke Characteristic

Here's the preview brush stroke in the brush file. you can try them after you downloaded it. I actually really love oil painting texture, so I make this special for
everyone who loves the same stroke.

Painting Steps

In these steps, I just make 5 separate layers so you can identify all the layers easily.

(1) Start with the background base color.
make this as your first layer.

(2) make some hills, give the soft color.
make this as your second layer.

(3)make the close hill, give the darker color than the second color.
make this as your third layer.

(4)make the grass field, give the dark green color for this step.
make this as your 4th layer.

(5)make the darkest hill as you closest view object.
make this as your 5th layer.

(6)Only All Layers Preview with some clouds.

Painting Finish Steps

I separate the layers so you can learn this tutorial easy. try to compare the first steps with these steps and you will understand how things work. I finish all the painting layers one by one. check them out.

(1)as your first layer. paint the sky and stay with the layer. finish the sky first as the most far away part in this tutorial. after you finish, go to the second one.

(2)paint the far hills. paint far hill with the soft color as your the longest part of this painting. you need to blurry and add some light on it.

(3)paint the close hill. I actually don't start the painting with the final sketch so I made any improvements to it. hehe
I made the abandoned city on the hills.

(4) now I am detailing the abandoned city with the moss effect and detailing the grass field. don't forget, this happens on your 4th layer.

(5)paint the closest hill. well, final design I try to make the mysterious abandoned city that found by someone. So I detail the closest hill on darkest color.

(6)Final touch. I add the story by adding someone who found the city. I also put the soft sky brush effect on the abandoned city to give a more dramatic effect.

Final Result

Well, All this Fantasy painting stroke above is made by my new brush.
I hope you love my new brush set, and most important is this brush can help you much. give me feedback so I can make better brush or fixed the brush.
Don't forget to add me as your friend. found me on IG:
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