Dramatic Fantasy Art Tutorial


Hi, I am AwanNdus meet me again on this another tutorial. Well, It's gonna be complex and detail tutorial, so please read this carefully.
If you got the points of my tutorial, I believe you can do the same or better with more improvement. So, let's go!

>>IMPORTANT Before We Start<<

I pack the whole tools I used for this tutorial. It's really important to understand every function of every tool. so you can read my tutorial easily. If you are new in CSP (Clip Studio Paint), I suggest you practice more and more. but if you are an old boy/girl, I believe you just eat this tutorial easily. ^.^

Well, Check them out.

1.) Start With the Solid Color

Honestly, I am not always using line to draw at first. Sometimes I don't have so many ideas so I came only with solid colors. I use "G-Pen" to make it and block with the "Fill" tool. And blur some line with "Airbrush-soft" tool to get blurry effects.

When you used a solid color, You don't need so many colors. I just use 5 colors to build the foundation of my painting, it depends on how many colors your painting will be. Another key at the first step is, decide the far object and closest objects. The rule is always, the far object getting smother/brighter and the closest objects going to be the darkest part of the painting.

2.) Imagine Your Painting

After you've done with solid colors, now it's your time t built your imagination come true. Imaging the whole part of your paint going to be. I just imagine the city side of the road. There are some neon boxes, advertisement boards, and the building's shape. I use "Oil Paint Flat Brush" to do this. it gives a nice stroke and mixes some color so you get the monochromatic effect.

3.) Add Your First Light Effect

When Painting Fantasy Art, I always add the Light effect to steal people attention. Well, people love dramatic art, so built the dramatic atmosphere with the light.

Decide the light positions. I use "Airbrush Hard/soft" to make this light effect. After that, I turn the color mode into "Glow Dodge" mode. It gives you a light effect and dominate the athmosphere with the colors you bring.

4.) Add Your First Shadows

Well, I add the shadow after giving the light effect, I just love to do it. Cause I paint the building at this painting, so I need a more straight line to make more cube effects. I use "Selection-Polyline" tool to make the straight selections and fill it with appropriate colors. Now, You can easier identify the objects and the buildings shape.

5.) Add Your First Global Detail

I actually love more artistic brush stroke in my painting. So I detail the painting with "Oil Paint Flat Brush" tool to give more chaos stroke at architectural shapes. but' if you don't like the brush stroke, you can change the brush with "Dense Watercolor/Smooth Watercolor, it'll give you the more tidy result. as you can see, I also add some splatter that I made with "Airbrush-Droplet" ^.^

6.) Add Your Objects Detail

The First Detailing part gives you a better shape of all object, now is time to make more detail on the objects. Translate the shape into what objects you want. Make people amaze with the details.

7.) Finish Your Objects Detail

some artwork needs a text effect to tell the story their illustration. I use the "Text" tool to make this effect. if you want glowing neon box effect, I suggest you use (almost white) colors and spray it with "Airbrush-soft" to get a glowing effect.

8.) Add Glow Effect to Your Objects Detail

After all detail object getting clear, now it's time to add the sweet light. I add a more light effect for neon boxes. I use some improve colors and turn them into "Color Dodge" mode to get a glowing effect. I use the "Straight Line" tool so I get a true straight line with the glowing effect.

9.) Add Your Main Character

Well, I just finish the background but not my illustration story. So I add the main object of this painting. I paint the girl start with the silhouette. make sure your silhouette in a separate layer so you can play save.

10.) Paint the Rains and Finish The Girl

I actually paint the rains helped by "Ruler-Special Ruler" tool. it's really helped me making a straigh line from up to bottom just like a water drop from the sky. I change the color mode into "Color Dodge" to get some rainy stain. I also turn the effect of the water drop into blurry with ("Filter ->> Blur ->> Gaussian Blur"). so the rain looks mixed with the painting atmosphere.

I also detail the girl at this part, Don't forget to add the reflection effect to give stronger dramatic effect standing on the rain. You can do it by,
CTRL+T (Transform) -->> "Vertical Flip" to get mirror effect, and lowing the opacity for final reflection effect.

11.) Add Your Story

Other objects of this painting are the jellyfishes. I love them so I add them as the main character friends. It also gives me more Fantasy effect.

Tips for repeating the jellyfish. honestly, I only paint one jellyfish and copy+paste it into so many jellyfish. I just add more jellyfish tails to get jellyfish best gesture. you can try this if you have the same objects and only need little improvement.
I also paint the jellyfish with light colors and turn them into "Screen" color mode. so I get more glowing jellyfish flying on the sky.

12.) Finish with Reflection and Wires

I always said that I love the final part, I just add some things I needed. The final touch I add the reflection to the ground. I also add the chaos wires to give the illustration more dramatic effect.

Tips: you can add the reflections with "Vertical Flip" to get mirroring effect. don't forget to lowing the opacity your reflections done.

Final Result

Last Tips: Separate every layer if you want to play save, but you can manage the layers into how many you need. I am personally doesn't use many layers in making Fantasy Art/concept art cause sometimes I get careless accident if using too many layers. it's up to you. -_-

I know it's a really long tutorial, I just try to make everything easy to understand. I hope so...
You can even read this tutorial a thousand times to understand every step. Once you get my points, you don't need this tutorial anymore. and you ready make your Fantasy Art. I suggest you try at least 3 times in making Fantasy Art. After you understand the functionality of every tool, you are the master of CSP! ^.^

I hope this tutorial help you much, you can contact me personally on my IG (@awanndus),
don't forget to tag me in your painting if you use my tutorial. Happy creating brothers/sisters! ^.^


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