How to draw realistic cats and loose cats


I will explain how to draw a real cat and a loose cat.

1. Body when sitting

First of all, I will explain the difference in how to draw the body when sitting.

Here is a sketch.
Please refer to the previous TIPS for how to draw a face.
I think you can see how the Atari is different.
A real cat (left) is like a torso on the torso,
The loose cat (on the right) has a drooping torso.
Realistic cats have longer legs and hind legs.
Loose cats are drawn with short legs and back legs omitted.

Completion drawing ↓

Here is the back view when sitting.
A realistic cat's Atari is drawn by connecting several circles with gentle irregularities.
The loose cat's torso has one drop shape and no irregularities.

Completion drawing ↓

2. Body when walking

Next is the body when walking.

Here is a sketch.
A realistic cat draws a torso of a torso with a rectangle.
The legs are drawn in the image of trapezoid + rectangle + ellipse.
I think it's easier to draw atari with an image with simple figures attached.
Make the loose cat's torso more rounded and shorter.
Draw short legs to make your legs look cute.
A loose cat can walk on four legs, or you can try walking on two legs in order to make it look like a character.

Completion drawing ↓

This is the end of this course.
Thank you for reading so far! !



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