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Do you know a tool called “Contour Filling” (strictly speaking, three types)?
I will explain about this function which is said to be only in CLIPSTUDIOPAINT.

Contour painting

This is the “Contour Line” icon.

(In the first place, the “contour line” is a “line connecting the same heights” that is often seen on topographic maps, etc., and is useful for expressing the steepness and looseness of slopes such as mountains.

“Contour Line Filling” is a tool that fills the gap between the color of a line and the color of another line with a gradient.

This is this.

You can see that the line has a steep gradation when the line is close and a gentle gradation when it is far. (So it's a "contour line")
By the way, it cannot be used for vector layers because it is “paint”.


First, draw some lines of your choice with any pen tool.
It is a personal feeling, but I think that the pen used at this time should be anti-aliasing and no blur. You can draw with the shape tool.

Select “Regular fill” in “Contour fill” and click or tap between lines.

If you do it between all the lines, this will happen.


Although this function is good at creating detailed and free-form gradations, it is difficult to make adjustments later (you can't “cannot change” by using “Color Correction” in “Edit”).
The number of layers may be small.

Examples of shapes that are difficult with the gradation tool

If you don't like the resulting gradation, go back and change the color and position of the line. Unique to digital.

Is this function between the gradation tool and the direct drawing tool such as airbrush?


The color of the base in the night sky and the sea, the hair and eyes of a person.
(Since this is an introduction to the function, it looks like this, but if you have a sense, it should be cooler)

The skin coating looks like this.


Place a black painted layer on the painted layer like this,
If you draw a transparent color on a black layer

Like "the goods that become rainbow-colored when shaved".

in conclusion

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