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Hello, my name is Davis and I hope to contribute something with this little tutorial on how to draw hands and how to improve your gestures.

We will touch on how to delicately hand gesture, how to intensify the gesture of strength and anger a little more, we will see how external lines can help us to improve our hand gesture and I will explain about the small details that add value to the gesture hand in hand.

Apart from the tutorial, in the end I propose a challenge to see how useful the tutorial was and to encourage them to draw more, which is the only way to improve our drawings.

Base structure of the hand

There are several ways to create a base structure of the hand. Some recommend using 3D shapes for guidance, others prefer using stick shapes for guidance. Whichever you choose, you should always choose the one you feel most comfortable drawing with.

In this tutorial I will show you another way to build the base structure to draw a hand. And this consists of dividing the hand into 3 parts: the palm, the 4 upper fingers and the little finger.


If the palm of the hand is clearly seen, we would use form 1, which consists of a 4-sided figure similar to a glass but with a slightly inclined curve at the top.

If the posture of the hand is a fist coming from the front we would use form 2, which consists of a figure similar to form 1 but more flattened (as if it were crushed).

If the posture of the hand were in 3/4 or in profile we would use form 3, which consists of a 3-sided figure as in the image shown.


Basically we would use simple strokes of the finger position as in the image.
On some occasions, such as in deep poses, instead of strokes, it would be advisable to use blocks as tubes.

And in the case that it was a fist that comes from the front we would use a shape similar to that of the palm only that more flattened and we would simply define with lines the fingers.


Basically it consists of 3 parts: A trapezoid, a square and a curved shape for the tip of the finger. Although sometimes it would be better to use a triangle instead of a trapezoid, that will depend on the position of the hand. And on other occasions we would not even draw it and we would only draw a few lines.

Delicacy in the hand gesture

To give delicacy to the hand gesture we must take into account 3 or 4 details. Basically we should use curves as a priority. "C" curves, "S" curves and a few straight lines. Also some recommend giving that pointed detail to the fingers.

Apart from adding curves to your stroke we can add delicacy to the hand gesture by moving the little finger, the index finger and the wrist as shown in the image. Giving these movements more presence we add delicacy to the hand gesture apart from using curved strokes.

Strength and anger in the gesture of the hand

The fist is the clear gesture of strength and anger of your characters. If we want to add more force to the gesture of the fist, basically we must slightly incline the fist inwards. Thus we will be able to transmit a more intense gesture of force in your characters. And let's not forget to draw the folds that are generated by that small fold.

External lines of support for the hand gesture

In this case we are going to work strokes that are not part of the hand itself but rather external lines that will help us to better express the gesture of the hand. It will help us transmit mobility, strength and even emotions like that of a hand shaking with fear.

Details that add value to the hand gesture

If we have the fist gesture we must bear in mind that the fingers together must have a common vanishing point instead of being parallel. And they should also have a descending curved pattern.

We must bear in mind that the hand has important folds to show in the gesture. When we close the hand, two folds on the sides are more noticeable. We must take into account when drawing the hand gesture that there are folds in those parts.

When a hand opens it does so in a particular way, taking the index finger as a guide and forming a natural pattern that we must take into account when drawing said gesture. But it is not an unbreakable rule. To give the gesture more personality, we can group the fingers into 2 or 3. Furthermore, it is not necessary to define the contour of the fingers completely, as this gives the gesture more personality since our minds fill in the missing spaces.

Now we will see a little tip for the gesture of picking up objects. Basically what you could do is break the stiff hand pattern a bit by moving one or two fingers while holding an object and so the gesture is a little more organic and less stiff.


Well that's it. Now I leave you with a challenge that basically consists of drawing four types of hands: an open hand, a semi-closed hand, a closed hand and a hand picking up an object such as a cell phone, a cigarette or the object of your choice.

Here is the template (4000px) for you to use.

I hope you also do it and publish your hands using the hashtag #drawfourhands so that we all see his drawings and we can comment and help each other improve.

P.S. Well in the end the end of the world was not yesterday: P


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