Promises on Tables and Desks (Review: BookLive Co., Ltd.)



Contest sponsor BookLive Co., Ltd gave detailed advice on Promises on Tables and Desks, an entry for the International Comic/Manga School Contest 2020.

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Promises on Tables and Desks

Pen name: Seturic

Country/Region: Philippines

School: iACADEMY

Language: English

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Pages 1-2

1. You could add depth to the character by adding two pages of childhood episodes related to desks.

2. This intro narration could be bigger and on page 3 after the recollection.

3. In addition to the childhood episode, a close-up of the character's face would be nice.

Pages 5-6

4. Specifically, I’d like to see an episode about why he thought this desk was the best one for him.

Pages 9-10

5. This is too sudden. I thought the value that he was looking for in desks was fundamental happiness and not just money, as mentioned in the interview scene.

6. Couldn’t this be a more simple depiction of the important papers being blown off the desk and out the window by the wind?

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