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Hello everyone, this time I want to quickly share with you how to correctly use the perspective ruler and not generate the confusion of the horizon line automatically generated by Clip Studio, so I start with this little TIP.

I hope you like it and help you!

Tool and sub tool selection

First we go to the "Ruler" tool section

Then we select the sub-tool "Perspective Rule"

Add vanishing point

We make sure that "add vanishing point" is selected by default and then we will also uncheck the box "change perspective drawing method" otherwise it will generate more complex automations that we do not want at the moment and thus we will have freedom by making escapes wherever we want.

Running away

Once we have this, we begin to build our or our vanishing points! Let's go there!

We will do it in the following way:

We draw the diagonals in a movement taking our lines from bottom to top with our pencil on our tablet, in this case heading towards Where we are going to escape, We will escape to 1 Vanishing point directly thinking that the horizon line is going to be generated by the program according to our perspective like this:

In the video you can probably understand better what I mean! go see it!

Add guide to build

Finally, to carry out our perspective at 2 vanishing points or even at 3 to generate more complex shapes, we carry out the same procedure in the movement, thinking about Where we are going to flee by drawing the diagonals, for example:

In this case, this construction that I quickly made at 3 vanishing points. But first we are going to make sure that the "change perspective drawing method" box is checked again

In this way we draw the diagonals from bottom to top and top to bottom, starting in order from the first vanishing point, either on one side or the other. Then we go to the next box:

We change "Add guide" and this makes additional lines are quickly created where we need to trace, in this way

I marked the guide line in Violet So you can see it, so Clip Studio only generates the guide lines where we need them, cool, right? hehe

Finally, when we do not want the program to detect the perspective as a rule to make details or generate other forms within the perspective, we simply hide it

Clicking here.

So Clip Studio stops detecting the rule and voila ... We finally have a quick basic perspective build.

So we finish with this article, I hope it helps you and gives you a guide.

Thanks for watching and reading!


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