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Hello everyone, now I bring you a tip on how to correctly use the perspective ruler for a 1 vanishing point and use it as a reference for our illustrations. Since for my part, when I started using the tool, I got a bit lost because Clip Studio Paint generates automation to save us considerable time. So I share with you.


Selection of Ruler Tool, then we select Perspective Ruler as sub tool.

I know it's a bit obvious to say about the selection but it never hurts, hehehe

Sub Tool Properties

When we go to the properties of the sub-tool we will have additional options to manipulate the perspective, so let's make sure that it is correctly in the option of

Add vanishing point, I have noticed that sometimes, I do not know why the program selects "Add guide" and if you have that in principle, it will not generate any action, so it does not hurt to check it, if so it changes the option and leave it in "add vanishing point"

Generate Vanishing Point

Here is the correct way to address the vanishing point. We go to the canvas and see where we want the vanishing point, do not worry about the horizon line, because Clip Studio Paint generates it automatically once you are clear about where it is leaking. Then we are going to generate a first guide with the following movement

In other words, my vanishing point will be where I have marked in blue, that is where I saw. And with our pencil we are going to make this movement, when lifting it the line will remain for a moment until you do the same on the other side like this

And when you have set in the same direction, Voilà! the program automatically generates the horizon line

I would have to give you something like this

As I have decided for my illustration to be in an Interior space, because you have to do the same previous procedure but this time from the top so that the guide is correct. and in the end it has to stay like this

And here we have a correct guide to 1 vanishing point, do not worry, it does not have to be perfect for an illustration, we use it as a guide, not for a design for exact dimensions as for an architectural or industrial design perspective.

Move the ruler

One of the practical things about the program is that it allows us to move the rule freely after it has been created; for this we go to the layer move tool

Then you can freely locate the ruler to better determine our vanishing point and the horizon line, see

This is very useful if we have another type of angle of vision in mind or we want some other scene.

Sketch and Final

After having clear guidelines we can start to make our illustration at 1 vanishing point, I share my creation

This was my Sketch

And finally after a couple of hours I had a result that satisfied me, although I know that I still have a lot to improve.

So I concluded that using the perspective ruler to have a correct guide and improve our illustration is very useful, I recommend using it a lot! The question of color and the process for this illustration I suppose it is a topic for another section of Tips, it may be, hehehe. On this occasion I wanted to show you my way of using the ruler to arrive at efficient results and have an illustration like this using the ruler correctly.

Thanks friends.


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