“Gradient Map” for Illustration and characters.



Hello, I want to share with you this color process that I did for an illustration using the correction layer and gradient map. I find it very useful when generating environments and saves us a lot of time. I hope you find this advice useful.


As usual, I start with a very fast sketch, without thinking too much... :'D but taking care of the perspective.


After a moment of reflection, and that you have put things better in their place, I am going directly to work in grayscale, although this could give for another Tip. :D


For this illustration I used the selection tool before applying the “gradient map” layer since I am going to apply the 3 tones that I wanted for this creation. After having selected the part where I want to apply the gradient, we continue.


We go to the desired layer, or where you have made the selection.

Right click on the selected layer

We go to new correction layer, and then we select "gradient map" (gradient map)


CLIP STUDIO has several gradient maps already configured and they work very well, but if you want, you can edit them a bit to your liking.

You can move the gradient using the arrows below, or you can select the color by clicking on one of the arrows and then change the color from the selector a little further down.

After having the desired colors and gradient, accept and

It automatically applies it to the first selection you had previously made.

I did this process with each of the desired parts for this illustration. It is something like this.

I have divided the gradient into 3 parts.


In this case I wanted to mix the colors between the parts. You can do this type of mixing with the Clip Studio mixer, or with any brush you have to blur and compact the colors. In the final image you will notice how I blurred the color. And the rest was to continue working on details, for this occasion I wanted to share with you the way I used the gradient map in this case, maybe it will inspire you.

I leave you the Time-lapse of my process here. 😄 ✌ 🏻



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