How To Create Clothing for Characters


This video shows you how to get started on creating clothing for characters.

Video text:

Fashion design is a part of designing everything from video games to comics and Illustration.
Many of these creations need a reference page for different characters. Knowing their style and clothing design early on can help smooth the process later on.

One of the first things to think about when creating clothing for a character is to consider what elements of their world are relevant to what they’re wearing.

Is there a relevant time period?
Is there a relevant culture?
Is there a relevant job/hobby?
And what personal elements can you bring to the outfit that reflect the character you are designing for?

This is the stage where references and research can be very helpful in creating your design.

The next step is the design itself.
This is where you start thinking about symmetrical elements verses asymmetrical elements, layering, colors. *This is where Clip Studio Paint can really help with the color set function where you can create and save your clothing color pallet without leaving the program.
Other things to think about when designing clothes are fabric weights, and functional elements verses decoration.

When doing your initial sketches of the clothing, a loose idea of the form, figure, and weight of the clothing is important. When you start tightening the design up, the symmetrical ruler tool is great for working out the logistics of the outfit. This is where working out layering is important, also.

Another great tool for designing clothing is the 3D models to help you visualize it from all angels.
This Clip Studio Paint also has a lot fo clothing brushes, patterns, and assets. You can even make your own!

From here it’s about exploring what’s out there and what your own imagination can create!


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