Transform patterns to decorate objects


Hello, my honeys. This time I will show you how you can decorate objects quickly with the use of patterns and the [Transform] tool of CLIP STUDIO PAINT.


To start we need the line art of an object to decorate. I will use a shoe as an example.

Select the area of the object that will contain the pattern with the [Area Selection] tool. (Ignore the colors of the tools please)

(From now on I will use a colored background to appreciate the rest of the process.)

Without deselecting, create a new layer and fill the selection with white. Position this base layer below the line art. It should look like this:

(1): Line art layer.
(2): Base coat. (White)

Create a selection that covers an area larger than the base layer with the [Marquee] tool ➜ [Rectangular Marquee].

Select a pattern of your preference and drag it into the selection. You can download any of these from ASSETS:

This is how it should look.

Place the pattern layer on top of the base layer.

(1): Line art layer.
(2): Base coat. (White)
(3): Pattern layer.

Go to [Edit] ➜ [Transform] ➜ [Free Transform] or select the [Free Transform] icon.

Adjusts the pattern following the direction of the object.

Press the Enter key and, in the layer menu, select [Snap to Layer Below].

At this point, with the [Object] tool, you can select and adjust the pattern once more.

I left it with this size:

I suggest you use a [Eraser] tool to erase areas of the pattern near the line art to give it a less digital finish. I use this tool:

Ready! We have finished applying the pattern.

Final result with additional details:


This is the same process in sequence.


Summary of the process.


Created by: Naosuke Takasaki.

Version: 1.10


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