Ways to Share Your Art to GROW on Social Media!




Sharing your art is the best way to promote your art on social media! Here are some tips to help you grow on social media by posting your creative process!

1. Post more videos

Did you know that videos are more engaging compared to pictures on social media? From my experience, videos ALWAYS reach more people!


As content creators, we always want to engage our fans and reach other people. That's why posting a video of your work will be really helpful for your growth on social media! Especially if it's a cute, less-than-one-minute video. On that note, let me introduce to you the timelapse feature of Clip Studio Paint!

Clip Studio Paint's Timelapse Feature

Clip Studio Paint has a timelapse feature wherein you can record your art with just a click of a button. You don't need any recording programs that would only slow your computer down when you're drawing.


Simply just click the Record Timelapse button when you're creating a new drawing.

Or if you're already drawing, go to File > Timelapse > then click record timelapse.

Now, the timelapse feature has a lot of really good settings! First, unlike when you're recording on a recording program, the screen won't zoom in. This makes the video easier to follow, and it also won't record the time that you're inactive on your canvas. That's great news if you get distracted from time to time and do other stuff.


Second, the feature allows you to choose how long your timelapse is going to be. It can be 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, or longer. This is perfect if you want to include the timelapse with your post. The file isn't going to be too big to upload.

Additionally, you can choose the dimensions of your video, whether 1280p, 1080p, or 720p, which is good if you want to save some storage!

Also, you can change the aspect ratio! This is if your want your video to be 16:9, 4:3, square (1:1), 4:5, 9:16, or in its original aspect ratio!

And third, you can already directly export it into an mp4 file, which means you don't need a video editing program! You can just upload it straight to Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, or even Twitch!

2. Post WIPS

I'm sure every artist knows what a WIP is. WIP stands for work in progress.


I often post WIPs as a screenshot together with the interface of Clip Studio.

I've heard so many artists so many times before joking about how their WIPs always get more likes than the finished drawing. As for me, I simply like the aesthetic of the interface. It gives sort of a professional feel when you see all the panels there on the sides as if I'm a professional who is working professionally on a drawing!


On a side note, I think that posting WIPs are going to help you post more often. I know a lot of artists struggle with posting consistently, so if you want to post more often even when you have no finished pieces, posting WIPs is a great way to keep your followers engaged! Plus, it looks cool!

3. Post your step-by-step process

Usually, in the art community, we always want to follow other people who are better than us so we can learn from them. I'm like that and I'm sure that other people are like that as well!

If you want you can post videos like I said, using the timelapse feature. Or, if you prefer to be more chill, you can just post your process. Every time you complete a step in your drawing, save it. Done with your sketch? Save it as a PNG. Done with the lineart? Save it again. Done with the coloring? Save. Just keep saving them as separate files, until you're satisfied with the steps.

This way, you can look back on your art, and you can share your process with your followers. The longer your followers are engaged with your post, the better!

Like many other artists, sometimes I get cold feet when I post my art. But then there are so many people who tell me that they get inspired to draw because of my art. And that makes my heart... flutter!

So if you're ever hesitating on sharing your art, always remember that there's someone out there who gets inspired thanks to your art. If you're someone like me, I like making art tutorials.

They may not be a trending topic, however, there is always someone I can help with my videos.

So, if you enjoyed this, please feel free to follow me!



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