9. Finish and Details of the Character - 2



[1] Hair details

■ 1. Hair over the eyes

Next, detailed expressions, such as hair overlapping the eyes, are drawn.

① In the [Layer] palette, a new layer is made at the top of the layers for the character.

Here, I added the hair that would be overlapping the eyes.

② Using the [Airbrush] tool → [Soft] with transparent colors, the hair tips are blurred.

This adds transparency to the bangs.

■2. Drawing hair strands

Hair strands are added to the hair.

① A new layer is made above the layer made in 1.

The strands are drawn using the [Pen] tool → [G-pen] with random thickness and hair color that matches the hair around it.

* For informational purposes, the newly drawn parts in the bottom example are displayed in red.

② Similar to the bangs, the tips are blurred with a transparent colored [Soft] to bring out transparency.

[2] Pattern details

The small ornaments on the clothes are also painted here. The painting method is the same as the character: clip a new layer set to [Linear burn] to the base color layer, then add shadows and volume.



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