¡Adiós Nonnina! (Critique: Planeta Cómic)



We received detailed feedback from the sponsor Planeta Cómic on the entry "¡Adiós Nonnina!" in the International Comic/Manga School Contest 2022.

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¡Adiós Nonnina!

Pen name: Lenm

School: Escuela Ola

Country/Region: Argentina

Language: Spanish

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Page 3

1. It would be easier to read if put in a text box.

Page 5

2. He must feel nostalgic remembering Nonna. I think warm colors would be a better fit for this one.

Page 11

3. The previous backgrounds are really beautiful. You should make the most of them instead of filling backgrounds with solid colors like this.

Page 26

4. Same as the previous point. This is a good example where you want to make use of your beautifully drawn backgrounds.

Planeta Cómic

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