10 Tips For Clean Lineart




A Quick & Easy Guide by Manny Guevarra

Hello, friends! Welcome to my tutorial on how to achieve clean lineart, where we will explore 10 quick, easy, and effective tips to instantly level up your lineart game using Clip Studio Paint's many helpful features!

This is a video tutorial - watch below and feel free to draw along!

The tips we will go over in this video include:

① How to build line confidence!
② How to prep your sketch!
③ How to optimize your pen settings!
④ How to draw with lowered Pen Stabilization!
⑤ Movement and ergonomics!
⑥ The perfect pen stroke!
⑦ How to work in sections to build muscle memory!
⑧ How to use Vector Layers for easier lineart!
⑨ How to use Figure Tools!
⑩ A little-known trick you can do in post to enhance your lines!

For more helpful lineart tips using Vector Layers, check out my Vector Layer tutorial!

Happy drawing! 💕



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