Guide to Exporting Fanzine Printing Data




In this tutorial, we will introduce the method to save multi-page works created with CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX, and export fanzine printing data from the CLIP STUDIO [Manage works] menu.

Note: This function is not available on CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO or any other software.


About exporting data

Execute “Export fanzine printing data” to export the following data.


・Fanzine printing data (psd format)

This is print data to be delivered to printing vendors. A sequential number corresponding to the number of pages will be added to the file name.


・Fanzine printing data information (txt format)

This is text data with information on the fanzine printing data at the time of submission. Submit this information to your printing vendor if necessary.


・3D data preview

Check the preview of the finished work in the 3D bookbinding mode before exporting your data. This can be used to confirm the work before exporting.


・Web confirmation data

Upload your work and access a specific URL to view it on a web-viewer. With this you can check it using a device other than your own computer. Use this to confirm your work when you are on the go.


Note: The 3D preview data and “Web confirmation data” do not guarantee accurate reproduction of the work after bookbinding. Please use it as a guide for page order and bleed position, etc.


Before exporting fanzine printing data

Here we will introduce tutorials and websites useful for creating a fanzine. You can read about the details of the work flow, as well as important points for the completion of a fanzine.


The flow of exporting fanzine printing data

Export fanzine printing data using both CLIP STUDIO and CLIP STUDIO PAINT.




■ 1. Prepare fanzine printing data


Create a fanzine work file in CLIP STUDIO PAINT (in cmc format) to submit. Use CLIP STUDIO PAINT’s [New] dialog and select [Printing of fanzine] to create new works smoothly.




2. Select work to export


We will explain how to select a work.


1. Click the [Creating a fanzine] menu in CLIP STUDIO.


2. Click the [Chose the work to undergo Export fanzine printing data] block.


3. Click the work to export.


Note: This method is equivalent to the following operation: CLIP STUDIO [Manage works] menu > Double click the work to export > select the [Exporting fanzine printing data] block.




■ 3. Export the printing data


1. Selecting the work displays the “Fanzine printing data” screen.

Click the [Exporting fanzine printing data] block.


2. CLIP STUDIO PAINT starts and displays the [Exporting fanzine printing data] section.


3. Adjust the necessary settings.

For detailed information, please refer to the Instruction Manual.

Clicking the [OK] button will start creating the data to use for checking the results.


4. When the “Do you want to use [3D Preview for Binding] to verify the result before exporting?” dialog is displayed, click to verify with [3D Preview for Binding].

Note: If you clicked [Export without 3D Preview], continue to step 7.


5. The 3D preview is shown. Please use this mainly as a guide for the page order and the bleed position, etc.


6. Click the [Next] button if you find no problems. This exports the fanzine printing data.


7. Click [Close] in the dialog displayed after completing the export.

Note: Clicking [Check exported data] in the dialog window will start CLIP STUDIO and display the [Fanzine printing data] screen.




■ 4. Refer to the printing data


You can check all the exported data from the CLIP STUDIO [Manage works] menu.


1. Start CLIP STUDIO, choose the [ > ] button displayed on the exported work in the [Manage works] menu, and click [Export Fanzine for Printing].


2. The “Fanzine printing data” screen will be displayed. When the export of data is finished, additional sections such as the [Exported data] block will be displayed. Click the [Exported data] block to display the destination folder in the explorer.




■ Information on other export data


・ Submitted data information (txt format)

This is exported to the same folder as the “Fanzine printing data”.


・3D data preview

Click the [View the 3D preview data] block of the [Export fanzine printing data] screen to see the 3D preview created before exporting data again.


・Web confirmation data

Upload your data to CLIP STUDIO to check the data in the web-viewer for internet browsers. The web-viewer is available for computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.

The displayed blocks differ depending on the situation. The displayed blocks are as follows.


< When not uploaded >

・ Exported data screen: Select the [Upload data for web confirmation] block and upload the data to the server.


< When uploaded >

・ Exported data screen: Select the [Manage data for web confirmation] block and display the data management screen.

・ Manage data for web confirmation screen: Select the [View with browser] block to display the data in a browser.

・ Manage data for web confirmation screen: Select the [Copy URL] block and copy the data URL to the clipboard.

・ Manage data for web confirmation screen: The [Delete] block deletes the data from the server.


Notes on web confirmation data: 

・ This may not properly work with Internet Explorer 9 or older versions.

・ Anyone can access the URL and see your “Web confirmation data”. Please be careful when managing the URL.

・ Please copy the “Web confirmation data” URL from the [Copy URL of Web confirmation data] block. The page URL of the “Web confirmation data” will change after a certain period of time due to security measures. Please do not copy the URL in your browser’s address bar.

・ Do not use the “Web confirmation data” for purposes other than checking data.

・ Even if you re-export the Fanzine printing data, the uploaded “Web confirmation data” will not be automatically updated. Please delete the uploaded “Web confirmation data” and re-upload the data using the [Update data for web confirmation] block.



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