Guide to exporting EPUB Data (For E-Books)




In this tutorial, we will introduce the method to save multi-page works created with CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX, and to export EPUB data (for electronic books) from the CLIP STUDIO [Manage works] menu.

Note: This function is not available on CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO or any other software.


TIPS: Before exporting EPUB data (for e-books)

We will introduce tutorials and websites useful for making an e-book.

To successfully create e-books, you can see basic courses for manga creation.


[1] Creating data for a book using PAINT

We will explain the method to create the data for an e-book comic.


TIPS: Pages needed for publication

To create a document for one book smoothly, please consider the following elements in regards to books in general.

· Expression colors of cover page and main text of the book (example: cover page=color, main text=monochrome)

· Manuscript paper size

· Number of pages

· Presence of an opening page, a table of contents, colophon, etc.


When exporting in EPUB data (for e-books), the following settings are reflected to avoid inconveniences to the reader when browsing.

・ In the initial settings, all the tone layers are exported in gray (You can change the settings from the [File] menu > [Binding process] > [Export settings for EPUB data] in PAINT).


In addition, unlike paper books, e-books do not have clear rules on page composition/setting like the above.

However, it is recommended to consider the following with regards to usage and display at the time of browsing.

· Use even page numbers in case pages are viewed as double-page spreads

· Apply shareable settings if the same data is going to be used for a fanzine as well




1. Create a new file from the [File] menu of CLIP STUDIO PAINT.


In the [New] dialog box, adjust the settings of the manuscript, number of pages, folio settings, and so on.




2. Make sure to create the manuscript while paying attention to the advice and directions described in the following article.


[2] Selecting the work to export

1. Click the [Export EPUB data] menu.





2. Click the [Export EPUB data (for electronic books)] menu.




3. Click the work to export.


Note: This method is equivalent to the following operation: CLIP STUDIO [Manage works] menu > Double click the work to export > select the [Export EPUB data (for electronic books)] block.


[3] Exporting EPUB data (for e-books)

If you select the work, the “EPUB data (for electronic books)” screen will show up.




1. Click the [Export EPUB data (for electronic books)] block.




2. “The software is starting” dialog is displayed before CLIP STUDIO PAINT starts.


(1) Select [File] menu > [Export multiple pages] > [Export EPUB data].


(2) On the [Export EPUB data] dialog, enter the export settings such as the [Title] and [Author].


Click [OK] to start exporting.


(3) Check the exported data from the dialog displayed afterwards.

Note: For details on settings and exporting on PAINT, please refer to the Instruction Manual.


Note: Exporting to kindle format -mac OS/iPad OS-

Sets files to export in kindle format from Clip Studio for mac OS and iPad.

Click the [Advanced Settings] from the [Export EPUB data] dialog box.

Check [Export to Kindle format] from the [EPUB advanced settings] dialog box export options and click OK.

From here on, please follow the EPUB exporting procedures.

Note: For Windows, please refer to the following: “Guide to Creating Comics for Kindle 【EX】”


[4] Confirming the data exported with CLIP STUDIO

You can check the exported data from the CLIP STUDIO [Manage works] menu.




1. Start CLIP STUDIO, choose the [ > ] button displayed on the exported work in the [Manage works] menu, and click [Export EPUB...].




2. The “EPUB data (for electronic books)” screen will be displayed. When the export of data finishes, additional sections such as the [Exported data] block will be displayed. Click the [Exported data] block to display the destination folder in the File Explorer.


To make uploading process easier, we recommend copying exported data to an easy-to-find location, such as the desktop.



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