6. Finishing touches




[1] Extra details and minor adjustments

I created a sense of cohesion with textures and gradients, but these also lessen the sense of depth and contrast.

To finish up my illustration, I create an “extra details” layer under the textures, and add details such as reflections and shadows to improve the sense of depth.


Once I added the reflections and other details, the whole illustration came together.

I set the blending mode of the “extra details” layer, which I used for the reflections, to [Normal].


I used the [Airbrush] > [Droplet] brush to add some bubbles for an underwater effect.

I used a light blue, set the layer opacity to 60% and the blending mode to [Glow dodge].


[2] Overall tonal correction

When I looked at the illustration after adding finishing details, I felt that it looked a little dull.


I created a new tonal correction layer at the very top of the layer palette, and adjusted the overall color.


I selected the [Layer] menu > [New Correction Layer] > [Brightness/Contrast].


・ Brightness: 10

・ Contrast: 18


After adjusting the tones, the illustration is finished.



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