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What is the Concentrated Line/Streamline Tool?

Automatically drawn effect lines

The Convergent Line Tool and Streamline Tool are tools that allow you to automatically create effect lines and flashes by inputting parameters.


The settings are a little difficult, but it's convenient to save the flash you created as a material for later use.


Tips on how to use Flash Tool

The flash is broken → Make it bigger

This explanation will help you overcome the disappointment of thinking that you can create Flash using Flash tools, only to find that when you actually try to create it, it doesn't turn out the way you wanted it to.

If the drawing breaks down when you create it at about 3-4cm with the [Solid Flash] subtool, create it at about 10-15cm and then reduce it to the required size with the [Object] tool to create a drawing that looks more like Flash.

Conversely, if the flash lines are too thin, you can make them small and then enlarge them later.

This will change depending on whether the units in the preferences are set to mm or px (pixels).

Layering Sea Urchin Flash

Sea Urchin Flash and other similar tools can also be used to enter text inside a speech bubble. This is a way to combine Sea Urchin Flash to draw multiple speech bubbles.

[1] Create a layer folder and make sure the blending mode is [Normal]

[2] Store multiple flash (focus line) layers in the same folder

[3] Set the blending mode of the upper layer to [Screen]

The effect of the blending mode [Screen] is that the black parts of the lower layer are masked by the white parts of the upper layer.


Please note that if you forget to set the layer folder's blending mode to [pass], you will not get the sea urchin flash blending effect.

Set the center point of the saturated line tool with the radial ruler

If you create a radial ruler and then create a saturated line tool, you can set the center point to any position.

If you cannot set the center point on the radial ruler, open the subtool details for the Saturated Line tool and check that the [Use Radial Ruler as Center] option in the [Saturated Line] group is turned off.

Streamline Tool

Set the angle of the streamline tool with the parallel line ruler

If you create a parallel line ruler and then create a streamline tool, you can set the direction of the line to any angle.

If you cannot set it to the same angle as the parallel line ruler, open the subtool details of the streamline tool and check that the [Use parallel line ruler as center] option in the [Streamline] group is not turned off.

Fixed horizontal and vertical line jaggies

When using a streamline tool that has indentations in the horizontal and vertical directions, jaggies may become more noticeable.

In the [Sub Tool Detail] palette, select the [Brush Shape] of the Streamline Tool, [Brush Preset] → "Real G Pen", and then [Apply Brush Shape] to alleviate the discomfort to some extent.

If "Real G Pen" is not available in the [Brush presets], select the [Real G Pen] sub tool first and then execute [Brush shape] group → [Register in preset].



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