Flatten and export images




Create a delivery file

Flatten and export image command

When saving a canvas, save it in the original file format of Clip Studio Paint, [.clip]. If you want to pass it on for printing or posting on the web, you will need to create the file in another file format, such as the general-purpose PSD/TIFF format.

Export procedure

If you need to submit image files for posting on the web or for printing, it is convenient to use the [Merge and export images] command.

■For printing → psd/tiff is often used

■For web e-books → png/jpg is often used

Select the specified file format and save.

Export Settings

When you execute the export command, the [Export Settings] dialog will be displayed. You may need to change the settings depending on your purpose. These settings can be saved and recalled by giving a name as [Preset].

For submitting rough draft (name)

If you're drawing your name on a sketch layer, turn on [Draft] in the output image. If you're using registration marks, default borders, or the text tool when naming, turn them on as well.


I sometimes output with a [Scale from original data] of about 50/25%, just so I can check it.


When reducing the image, set [Processing method] to [For illustrations]. Use [Comic] when creating a file for black and white printing.

For manga manuscript delivery

For finished manuscripts, the selection of [Output Image] may change. For commercial magazines, "text" is not required. However, we may output two versions of the manuscript, one with text and one without text, for confirmation.

About Manga Award Submissions

When applying for a manga award, you may be asked to add folios (page numbers), and pages with text may be printed on paper and sent. Please check the application guidelines for the destination you wish to apply to individually.

The linked page introduces new talent awards. If you are writing for a magazine, you should be able to submit your manga to most magazines if you draw it in the size of a commercial manga manuscript, so you will be able to submit your manga to any magazine after you finish drawing.

For Web/E-books

In the case of web publishing/e-books, it seems that the author often prepares the text. Also, it may be specified to output without margins, such as limiting the [Output range] to [Inside the crop marks].

Assuming that it will be reduced in size, specify [Processing method] as [For illustrations].

Be sure to check

The export settings introduced here are just general examples, so requirements will vary depending on the editorial department or client. Be sure to check and set the output settings.

However, as long as you have the .clip file, you can re-export as many times as you like, so don't worry about that.



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