How to make a clothing layer template




This article explains how to create a clothing template, which is useful to have in advance when drawing manga or illustrations.


Once you've created it, you can easily finish your blazer by putting it on a layer for each page after you've finished drawing the line art, and filling them in with white in order. It's a time-saving technique.


It's available for free on ASSETS under the name "M's Blazer Layer Template", so please download it and use it as a reference.

List of tones created this time

First, here is a list of the tones used this time.

B is for monochrome and C is for color.

The green line frame on the left is for specifying the area, so please use this as a reference if you want to make your own.

How to create a monochrome layer template

Prepare a pure white image and create a template in the "M-high Blazer (monochrome)" folder.

① Jacket: Layer → New Layer → Tone → Add Layer Below, Clipping


(If you use normal fill → Tone, there will be parts that cannot be painted)


② Socks and shoes: Layer → New Layer → Solid Color → Add Layer Below, Clipping


(If you use normal fill, there will be parts that cannot be painted)


③ Tie knot: Add tone, adjust size, rotate to 135, and clip.


④ Tie braid: Duplicate the tone from ③, and clip to a rotation angle of 45.


⑤ Ribbon (flick/knot): Add tone, adjust size, rotate to 135, and clip.


⑥ Ribbon (tail): Add tone, adjust size, rotate to 45, and clip.


⑦ Pants and skirt: Add tone, adjust size, rotate to 45, and clip.


⑧ Pants and skirt (2): If you don't want adjacent items to connect, create one with a rotation angle of 40 and clip it.

Registering a Layer Template

First, create an image of the material (200x200px).png.


Group the layers together and register them.

Material name

Material image (put the image you just created from the folder in the top left)

Select where to save the material.

Enter the PN as the search tag.


How to use clothing templates

I will explain using a manga with the line drawings completed.

Add clothing templates to the layer list

Place the clothing layer template under the line art folder.

Open "M High Blazer (Monochrome)".

Paint a blazer

We will paint the blazer section by section.

Use "Fill (see other layers)" on each layer circled in yellow and fill them with "white".




Socks and shoes

Tie knot, braid

Ribbon fins and knots, sauce

Skirts and trousers

This completes the monochrome blazer.

Once you have created the clothing layer template, you can simply insert it into the page where the blazer appears and you can easily paint it without having to adjust the size or angle of the tones or add more layers or folders.

Color clothing template

The clothing templates for color are as follows:

Now the colored blazer is complete.

All that's left to do is add the skin and hair colors, and the background, and it's complete.

Once you've added skin, hair, and eye color, you can also create layer templates for individual characters.


It may be a hassle at first, but once you've done it it will save you a lot of time, so I'd be happy if you would give it a try.



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