August 2019

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For the fourth TIPS of the Month, we asked our users to submit their tips on perspective rulers, pop art style, and mechanical design. We saw many tutorials on a colorful pop art style that utilized features such as screentone, frame structure, and saturated lines. The perspective ruler is one of the distinctive features of Clip Studio Paint. And, although there were only a few tips on the topic, they were all rich in detail and very much worth the read! For mechanical design, we enjoyed reading tips on how to express a metallic texture on things such as robots, airplanes, and tanks! The submission for September’s Tips of the Month has already started! We are looking forward to seeing your entries!

Gold Award

  1. As well as how to create a Perspective ruler, this tutorial also explains in-depth how to create a one, two, and three-point perspective scene using examples. If you have never used a perspective ruler before, you should definitely start by reading this detailed tutorial complete with isometric illustrations and rulers!
  2. This tutorial introduces how to accurately draw the height and depth of furniture placed in a room using a two-point perspective method. The author describes the usage and settings of the canvas grid, perspective ruler, file object, and other features in detail, allowing anyone to follow the steps and successfully draw a similar-looking room easily.
  3. This is a wonderful tutorial with extensive explanations on how to improve the feeling of completeness in a work. The author explains everything with careful illustrations, including how to draw, and utilize perspective rulers and transform tools. It also covers finishing techniques that improve quality, from background drawing using motion blur to applying effects. This content of this tutorial is also the perfect reference for drawing precise and authentic vehicle illustrations other than tanks.
  4. Read through this Tutorial and learn how to create a metallic texture step-by-step, starting with a simple sphere, followed by a bean, a can and then a robot. It is a great resource that uses videos to explain both basic and specific techniques.

Silver Award

  1. Based on a freehand sketch, this tutorial introduces an easy-to-understand and straightforward method to draw a room using a perspective ruler. Knowing how to assembling floor and wall planes on the canvas is useful when you want to draw rooms from various angles.
  2. This Tips clearly shows what steps should be taken to express the characteristics of a robot when drawing a robot. Not only does it explain the basic facts, but it also covers the advanced contents such as how to decorate using the mesh deformation function, making it useful for people of all levels.
  3. Using Clip Studio Paint’s screentone feature, this fascinating tutorial explains how to draw a colorful parrot. It teaches you how to create works while enjoying color and tone adjustments, and makes you want to draw with a pop art style.
  4. This tutorial shows how to draw a manga-like metallic ring. It also covers setting up tools and layers within Clip Studio Paint as well as introducing a wide range of techniques that are useful when drawing small items.
  5. This is a tutorial full of techniques that show you how to draw realistic vehicles. It uses various Clip Studio Paint functions to show how to create parts of vehicles in detail. In particular, the explanation of how to create realistic looking rust and dirt on metallic surfaces is quite practical and useful.
  6. This is a pop art tutorial that incorporates comic elements such as frames, speech balloons, drawn letters, and screentones. It's production process utilizes various Clip Studio Paint functions such as vector layers and perspective rulers.
  7. This tutorial shows how to turn photos of fruit into pop art. The author uses popular pop art features such as posterization, gradation map, and toning functions to achieve this. Take a look, and you’ll want to try these features out yourself too!
  8. This tutorial teaches you step-by-step how to draw an original robot using a real creature as reference. It is rich in information, comes with images, and videos detailing each step, and it's fun to read!

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August 2019 Themes(August 1 - September 1 2019)
  1. Theme 01

    Perspective Rulers #Perspectiveruler
    Outline perspective ruler techniques showing how to build structures such as buildings. Introduce original ways of using perspective rulers in your everyday artwork.
  2. Theme 02

    Pop Art #Popart
    Share your techniques and methods of creating colorful pop art work! Introduce and explain frame and tone usage or how to extract lines and color palettes from photos or 3D materials.
  3. Theme 03

    Mechanical Design #Mechanicaldesign
    Take advantage of Clip Studio Paint functions and demonstrate how you draw cars, planes, robots, and more in an efficient and balanced way! Explain techniques for drawing metal and metallic objects.