Vehicle in kid book style


Hello there! This is tutorial about drawing a vehicle in kid book style! i will draw a car.


This is basic material for this tutorial


So first, we need to set up canvas.
I draw on a horizontal A5 (standard illustration size in my country) but you can choose every big resolution you want!
You must choose a "color" expression.
The best for drawing illustrations is white paper color.


I draw basic forms of car with red pencil

... and then i add some details with blue pencil.
It doesn't have to be real it only has to be fun!

When i'm done with the sketch I set the layer to "draft layer".

Basic form painting

I'm doing this on new layer below sketch when the draft oppacity is set to 25%

and now it's time to use lasso fill brush!
When I outline some area with this brush it will automatically fill,
I don't need any lineart to do it.

I must set every layer name, because every element must be done on a different layer.


I set the layer above the layer to shade to "clipping"
and then I'm using some dirty, rough chalk brushes to shade.
The shades must be simply.
Every shade is done on the other layer.


Now it's time for details!
I draw them with rough ink brush on another layer.

Again it doesen't have to be real!
Let's make it fun!


If everything seems to be OK, it's time to finish and say "Done!"

You can add the background in this style, too!

Thanks for reading!


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