October 2019

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October's themes were "Hairstyles," "Masks," and "Oil Paintings." This month saw numerous tutorial style entries under the Hairstyles theme - perhaps because hairstyles can be so important in depicting a character's style and attitudes. Entries to the Masks category ranged from basic explorations of the mask feature to guides on how to apply them to make your own works more unique. There were many tips revolving around Oil Paintings, too, with tutorials on how to paint with oil paint style brush sets, as well as guides on how to mimic an oil painting style with various Clip Studio Paint features and effects. We're currently accepting entries for November's Tips of the Month! We look forward to seeing what our brilliant community has to offer!

Gold Award

  1. Crosnics' Tips of the Month entry offers up a complete guide to masks! The author walks us through the ins and outs of the mask feature in its entirety, starting with: "What is a mask?"
  2. Author Nadia uses a pencil brush to walk us through how to apply an oil painting style to a non-oil paint medium with a deep dive exploration of light and shadow. Plus, explanations on how to use color layers to check contrasts. This one is full of great techniques!
  3. Tokyolondon uses a truly generous number of sample photos to show us, step by step, how to accurately depict hair on our original characters. The deep explanation covers everything from how to incorporate the shape of the character's head into the hairstyle, to how a hairstyle can affect how viewers see the character's background and personality. This tip is sure to help boost the skills of beginners and intermediate creators alike!
  4. Mattlamp's numerous case studies on how to use layer masks provides in-depth, step-by-step tips for mastering the function. From the basic difference between layer and clipping masks to advanced tips on how to use masks to create animated effects, this tutorial is a must read for all creators!

Silver Award

  1. This simple but extremely useful tutorial from InmaR. shows us how to quickly and effeciently make selections with the often overlooked quick mask feature. This is useful for a number of applications and is worth exploring for any serious Clip Studio Paint users!
  2. Kawashita shows us how to achieve shiny and transparent hair effect, with a generous number of sample images that not only show us the effects of the process but indicate the exact locations of Clip Studio buttons and features required to achieve them. This one is especially useful for people looking for a simple and intuitive way to apply a shiny effect to anime-style hair.
  3. A cool scatter effect can be applied to your characters and illustrations in a few simple steps, as shown by cigtart in this straightforward tip that includes a video tutorial!
  4. This extraordinarily in-depth tutorial explores nearly every aspect of digital oil painting. Be sure to check out the brush sets that the author and professional artist ChrystianYaxche uses to oil paint in the digital space - available for download on Clip Studio ASSETS!
  5. Futopia starts with a value drawing and walks us through the importance of shape, plus other things to keep in mind when creating a digital oil painting from start to finish. This is less a tutorial and more a guided exercise to help you create from the heart while learning new techniques on brushstrokes, blend modes, and color.
  6. ChevisteyArt's walkthrough teaches us how to create natural-looking hair in a number of styles, from braids to ponytails using vector layers. This tutorial explores the brush settings you'll want to use, how to add highlights, and more for a multifaceted tutorial that's great for any skill level.

Bronze Award

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6th theme (October 1-31, 2019)
  1. Theme 01

    Hairstyles #Hairstyle
    A hairstyle change play a huge role in deciding how your character looks. Share your TIPS on how to draw natural locks or the fashionista's envy, how to give hair that perfect sheen and lushness and more using Clip Studio Paint!
  2. Theme 02

    Masks #Mask
    A essential function of digital drawing, masks are extremely useful when used the right way. Share your TIPS on how to use the various mask available in Clip Studio Paint such as layer masks and quick masks, or show how to get the most out of them!
  3. Theme 03

    Oil Painting #Oilpainting
    Share your TIPS on how to simulate oil painting's deep colors, distinct weight, etc.! TIPS give helpful advice on how to express traditional oil paint styles within Clip Studio Paint.