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This tip is written for those who want to find a hairstyle design that fits the character's personality and role.

If anything, it is a TIPS for confirming the “meaning of an ordinary hairstyle in terms of design”, not for obtaining an “individual hairstyle idea”.

I think that my subjectivity also has some influence, but I gave explanations based on the characteristics of human beings as much as possible and the theory of gaze guidance.

I would appreciate your help in thinking about character design.

Three factors that determine the impression of a hairstyle

There are three main factors that determine the impression of a hairstyle.

[1] Symmetrical or not

In nature, there are almost no large asymmetrical land animals.
左右 The asymmetrical hairstyle gives the impression that it is a fancy or outlaw compared to other hairstyles.

[2] Whether to emphasize facial expressions

キ ャ ラ ク タ ー When the angle of “eyebrows and eyes” is emphasized or hidden in the bangs line etc., the impression of the character changes greatly.

[3] Whether to emphasize face orientation

If you select a design that emphasizes the orientation of the face, the change in orientation, or the presence of the face, the character will not be afraid and will appear to have a strong personality.

From the following items, let's look at each element with specific variations.

1: Examine the symmetry of the hairstyle

When viewed from the front, a character with a conspicuously asymmetrical hairstyle is more prey and less social than the other, and gives an intellectual impression.

“Characters with elements such as“ beyond the right path, evil things, outlaws, twisted things, meanness, some sort of secret or handy ”will reinforce the impression if the asymmetrical design is used.

If you are trying to make a `` serious hot blooded person '', `` bright and cheerful hero '', `` heroine who doesn't have both sides and can get along with anyone '', there is some shadow or it seems like a villain Try to make your hairstyle symmetrical.

However, if it is clear that it is a cheerful and noble weather character, it is obvious that it is born naturally or because it is suitable for the position to connect the hair, the asymmetrical hairstyle is `` natural '' `` somewhere missing '' In some cases, it is possible to reinforce a friendly image, such as “There is a place.”

2: Expressing whether the eyebrows and eyes are hidden

”There is a word“ The eyes say things as much as the mouth ”. The information that can be read from the human eye and line of sight is very clear and diverse.

If you hide the emotion that appears in your eyes, it will help you to fight like an animal or escape from an enemy.
However, it will be an untrustworthy person from the perspective of others, and will not be visible to characters that are likely to have a friendly relationship.

Let's start with an extreme example.

[1] Character whose eyes are completely hidden by the bangs

“Mysterious, I do n’t know what I ’m thinking”. It seems to be eerie and untrustworthy, but if you don't even know where you are, you can't find a clear aggression, so it looks harmless compared to a character with a sharp line of sight.

It is often used for characters such as “silent”, “cowardly”, and “I am not good at meeting people”.
However, if it is used for a character with some skill or ability, it can give the impression that it has a firm will and is not influenced by the opinions of others.

What if you use it on a cheerful and well-charactered character? This is an absurd expression, and it's a type of expression that you can't trust or sway regardless of someone else's reaction.

It can also be used as a character expression that does not care about how it looks or how it is seen by other people.

[2] Characters whose eyes are visible but whose eyebrows are almost hidden

[1] Although it is not as special as it is, it gives a slightly creepy impression. It is because it is difficult to read wrinkles between the eyebrows and wrinkles while knowing "where this character is looking".

The state of being “seen but not knowing what feelings the viewer is holding” creates spookyness. It is close to the impression of looking at the face of an animal that is not human.

This is good for mysterious characters, but it is not very suitable for cheerful characters and characters with large emotional ups and downs because the difference in facial expressions is difficult to see.

As a manga-like expression, you can draw the eyebrows completely in the open. In that case, it does not give a particularly mysterious impression, but the change in the expression of the eyebrows looks somewhat ambiguous.

[3] Characters whose eyebrows and eyebrows are partially hidden

It is a very common state. Although it does not give a special impression, the smaller the degree to which the eyebrows are hidden, the easier it is for the expression to change, and the personality that does not seem scary.

Even if the eyebrows are visible, if the space between the eyebrows is completely hidden, it will be difficult to express strong “anger”, “warning”, and “unpleasant” expressions as in [2]. However, if the character does not show such feelings except in a moving scene such as a battle, there is not much problem.

[4] Character who can see the gap between eyes and eyebrows completely

In this case, the line of sight and expression are not hidden, so there is no “timidity” or “impression of fear of foreign enemies” as felt in the styles [1] and [2]. For characters such as “Brave Warrior” and “Speak to anyone casually”, a style that shows the forehead completely like this is a candidate.

If there are no other conflicting factors, children up to about 12 years old will simply emphasize the brightness, obedience, and noh weather as if they were children.

】 If you are older than that, it gives you an adult-like feeling that you can rely on, a feeling that you can trust, a feeling that your head will turn quickly, and a confident impression. Or you may have chosen these hairstyles because of the illusion you want to look like.

However, modern men often have short hair that does not cover their eyebrows in many cultures or have their hair raised, so this element alone does not give a special impression.

Rather, let's think that if there is a male character whose bangs are long on his eyebrows, it gives a relatively soft and gentle impression.

3: Express in the form of bangs

[1] Hair trimmed without gaps

These cut-line hairstyles have a presence even without a flashy silhouette, giving them the impression of “stubborn, confident, high pride, uninterested in the fashion of the world, and artificial”.

Also, if the hair grows naturally, the hair ends will become uneven.
Hair that has been trimmed as if you have just been to the barbershop may be used for expressions such as "I love cleanliness and nervousness" or "Honour student".

However, if the character is a young child, there may be the impression that “it is just prepared for adults” and “the child is a wealthy house, so the hair is cut frequently”.

[2] M-shaped bangs with a gentle angle

Enhance the expression of “anger” and “uncomfortable” that appear between the eyebrows and the eyebrows on the M-shaped bangs and hairline with a gentle angle.

場合 If the bangs are very short and the facial expression of the eyes is completely visible, the gaze will be induced and emphasized in the facial expressions that actually appear in the eyes. It is suitable for the type that acts with animal intuition and original values regardless of the surroundings.

On the other hand, if the tip of the bangs is long enough to completely hide the eyebrows, it means that the impression of “anger” or “uncomfortable” is fixed. It looks good with a character that gives a cold impression like a robot, an aggressive character that doesn't trust others, a character that doesn't open up to others, or a black character.

Also, this form of bangs is a feature that conflicts with “old people whose hair has retreated due to aging”. Therefore, if it is not an “emotionless robot” character, it seems to have a blue-smelling ideal that is unsuitable for age, or a lustful desire.

[3] M-shaped bangs with a sharp angle

[In this case, there is no place corresponding to the angle of the eyebrows, so there is no reminiscent of an angry expression like [2]. If the eyebrows are hidden by the bangs, it is rather difficult to see the expression of intense anger or sadness.
】 Suitable for gentle characters who do not show their emotions on the table, and heroic characters.

[4] Bangs cut with an upward arc

A line reminiscent of smiles and weak faces. It is suitable for characters that are good-natured, euphoric, or crazy.

When the hair ends are sparse, it does not give a strong impression, but when it is cut short and neatly, it has a strong self-assertion and looks like an uninhabited personality.

On the other hand, it is a hairstyle that is not very suitable for shy and inconspicuous characters.

[5] Bangs divided into C-shape

The bangs with an inverted V-shape that draws a straight or downward arc on the forehead reminiscent of an eyebrows-down expression due to fear and sadness, giving a sharp and nervous impression . It's not suitable for innocent characters or characters with a humorous personality.

However, if the line born from the bangs draws an arc upwards, it will resemble the shape of the eyebrows when smiling, as in [4], so it will rather enhance the impression that it seems to be noh.

[6] Middle hair style

In the case of a hairstyle in which the eyebrows are partially hidden with a symmetrical middle division, the expression of “surprise” or “joy” that can be expressed by raising or lowering the eyebrows is difficult to understand, but “angry” or “wrinkle” that can cause wrinkles between the eyebrows. The expression of “unpleasant” stands out.
Also, because the forehead looks high, it looks basically intelligent and not afraid.

¡Pride and norm consciousness, suitable for taking care of honor student types, and for hairstyles of hard-workers and hard-working characters.

4: Consider silhouettes that emphasize face orientation

[1] Hairstyles with visible and invisible ears

¡In judging the orientation of the face, how the ear looks is an important clue. Characters whose ears are not hidden at all are less frightening, active and have a sharp sense than otherwise.

髪 Hairstyles that are hard to see ears are more mysterious than visible hairstyles, giving them a rather stubborn impression. If there are no other aggressive elements, it may appear to be a laid-back person who has a weak self-assertion.

[2] Hairstyle that emphasizes face orientation and presence (outward)

髪 Hairstyles that protrude from side to side or have a narrowed silhouette have the effect of enhancing the orientation and presence of the face, just like ears.

Especially, characters that have such a shape in a high-headed position are vigorous, have a sharp sense, and look active. It may seem too calm, so it may be too youthful to use for an adult character.

¡The same effect can be achieved for male mohawks and for the Regent (Pompadour) style. These are hairstyles that have a greater change in silhouette when looking sideways than when the hair is evenly covering the head.

In this respect, it can be said that Mohawk and Twintail have the same properties.

[3] Hairstyle that emphasizes face orientation and presence (inward)

外 Outside hair and hairstyles with protruding parts on the left and right increase the presence of the entire head, but the line of sight tends to deviate from the facial expression.

On the other hand, the hairstyle with the hair tip facing inward in this way is a design that makes it easy to catch changes in facial expressions, even with an expressionless character, with a natural line of sight toward the face. An introverted and gentle character will look strong in the core, while an extroverted and cheerful character will feel more self-asserted.

[4] Hairstyle that emphasizes the frontal impression (piggy hair)

The hairstyle tied at a low position and lowered in front of the body appears to have the same effect as a twin tail, but in this case, the silhouette does not change much even if the head is shaken.

On the other hand, it always looks like it is facing the front, so it looks serious, calm and stubborn.

5: Express with ahoge hair or combed hair

キ ャ ラ Characters with “Okuge” or so-called “Ahoge” that jumps out of the rough hair flow basically give a feeling of being more cute or cute than when there is no such element. If the number is large, it is “wild”.

¡Of course, if you have an all-back character or a short hair and your forehead is completely visible, the hair on the forehead is basically a bad and sexy impression. However, the meaning changes depending on the number, position, and symmetry of the loose hair.

[One in the center]: Serious, idealist, passionate
】 Gaze is guided to the facial expression that appears between the eyebrows. Suitable for characters that are stupid and have a slight blue odor.

[One at a position shifted from the center]: Kiza, sarcasm, outlaw
】 From the principle of asymmetric design, the impression is like a kiza. Gazes in one eyebrows even in a plain state, so it looks good on a sarcasm character that often makes asymmetrical expressions.

[Two or more symmetrically]: Bad, serious, angry
It looks like a villain compared to the case of “one in the center”, but it gives a serious impression if the position is completely symmetrical.
】 Gaze is guided to the part where the eyebrows are raised and lowered, so it is suitable for characters who want to show their eye strength, such as staring at people.

[Two or more asymmetrically left and right]: Wild / Evil / Rakuten
で も Even with the same two or more frayed hairs, if the arrangement becomes asymmetrical, the impression of collapse will become stronger, making it look more like a villain or outlaw.
表情 The expression around the eyebrows makes an ambiguous impression, so it is suitable for dignified characters. Depending on the other factors, it may just look sloppy.

6: Express with hair quality

It is not limited to hairstyle design, but if you draw a character with a straight line, you will get a rough, violent and aggressive impression. If you use a gentle curve, you will have a gentle, introverted and gentle impression.

で も Even with the same silhouette, just changing the way the lines are drawn will change the impression. If you have a character with a gentle personality, or if it appears to be gentle to a character with a violent personality, try changing the hair quality.

7: Consider the process of setting hair

The hairstyle that takes time and effort for the set is information that shows the character's wealth, social status, and carefreeness.

For example, a character that has her hair cleanly stroked on her back is a relatively serious person who is socially aware of her appearance.

If the personality is not very mediocre, frayed hair may be noticeable with the same hairstyle.

If the appearance of the character comes before the character's personality, you need to consider how the hair is set and whether it matches the character's personality and role.

in conclusion

The hairstyle is just one element of character design, but it is the most important clue to distinguishing characters, especially in monochrome comics.

Please choose the design that best fits the character as much as possible. The most indispensable thing is your intuition, but when you get lost, it is also important to break down into elements like those of TIPS and think theoretically.

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