October 2020

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Out of the Tips posted between Oct 1, 2020 to Nov 1, 2020, the writers of the following will be rewarded a cash prize or GOLD!

Tricks for Lineart and Inking was the most popular theme, with many posts about pressure and correction settings, recommended brushes, and detailed instructions on using vector layers for line art. Tips for the Smartphone and Tablet versions received only a handful of posts but offered a great deal of practical content such as PC integration and mobile-specific settings. Gothic Design saw a wide variety of posts ranging from fashion to architecture, with seasonal Halloween examples livening up the contest. Submissions for the next Tips of the Month have already started! We’re looking forward to your entries!

Video Award

  1. If you feel like you can't digitally draw lines the way you want, this is the first video tutorial you should check. It explains in detail about line drawing speed and how to adjust pen pressure and stabilization settings in Clip Studio Paint. We also appreciated the ingenious way the video was filmed, making it easy to understand how to move your arm.
  2. This video uses a simple character to explain the characteristics of vector layers and why they are suitable for line art. The video shows how to correct lines and shows close-ups of palettes and settings, making it easy to follow along. If you are looking to start using vector layers, then we recommend this tutorial for you!
  3. An exceptional tutorial packed with techniques to improve anyone's line art all in an easy to understand 10-minute video. What's more, all of the Tips are transcribed, making their content easy to understand in either format.
  4. This Tips covers everything from installing the Galaxy version on your tablet and setting up a workspace to drawing and sharing your work. Some of the content shown here, such as data exchange via cloud services, is also available in the iPad version. If you're thinking of trying out the tablet version of Clip Studio Paint, check it out.
  5. This video will teach you tips and tricks for drawing line art in about 10 minutes. Review how to draw a line art from various angles, such as adjusting pen strokes and line thickness to suit a purpose, proper screen resolution, and brush settings in Clip Studio Paint.
  6. Using a Gothic Lolita witch character as an example, this article teaches you how to draw line art and create a looped animation with it. It gives a detailed explanation of how to use keyframes to create animation with a small number of pictures and how to go about dividing the layers. We were very impressed with the way it was designed to help even first-time animators create their work smoothly.

Gold Award

  1. This Tips shows how to draw lines using your favorite pens. Discover how to adjust how to draw lines with each pen and how this simple change can greatly impact your work's overall look and feel. Furthermore, you can download the pens introduced here from ASSETS, so please try them out!

Silver Award

  1. After introducing the proper brush size for your canvas resolution and setting the brush pressure, the tutorial takes you through the process of drawing line art. In addition to manipulating the canvas to make it easier to draw lines, there are also exercises to help you create beautiful line art, which we found to be very helpful.
  2. This is a tutorial on how to depict Gothic architecture, pumpkins, and vampires with a distinct ambiance. It is recommended for beginners, as it covers the parts that tend to take up extra time, such as brush and material selection
  3. This is an easy to understand tutorial for beginners as it shows you how to draw, erase, transform, and change the type of lines on a vector layer along with the steps of creating an illustration. Even if you think vector layers are hard to use, this will help you take on the challenge.
  4. This Tips introduces how to use Clip Studio Paint on a tablet using cute illustrations. We enjoyed reading this and all the ideas it has to make the software easier to use. The shortcut settings using the game controller were particularly interesting.
  5. This tutorial introduces techniques for improving line art with real-world examples in an easy to understand manner. Each section was full of practical know-how picked up from the author's own experience. The beautiful illustrations also made this article visually enjoyable.

Bronze Award

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