January 2021

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Out of the Tips posted between Jan 4–31, 2021, the writers of the following will be rewarded a cash prize or GOLD!

This month's themes were "Your favorite brush ASSETS," "Animation Using Keyframes," and "Cyberpunk." In the "Your favorite brush ASSETS" section, we saw that not only can you use brushes as they are, but you can also highly customize them to suit your style. It was impressive to see how the same brush can be used in different ways by different people. The Animation using keyframes section, included many animation techniques that can be created without specialized knowledge, such as how to add slight movements and background effects to illustrations. The Cyberpunk section taught us how to use accessories, colors, and finishing techniques to express a unique world view. Submissions for the next Tips of the Month have already started! We’re looking forward to your entries!

Video Award

  1. This is a tutorial on how to animate a scene using keyframes. The author's dark aesthetic is interesting, and the steps are presented with a good rhythm in both the video and the article. Not only that, but it is fun to learn from start to finish, which is much appreciated. Let's use these Tips to get our everyday illustrations moving!

Gold Award

  1. This article shows how to use 2D camera folders and keyframes to add forward motion effects to an animation of a butterfly flapping its wings. The effect itself is a simple technique and can be learned and applied to your own work right away. We recommend this Tips to anyone who wants to move on from creating flipbook animation.
  2. Learn how to create an animated hologram effect that compliments the cyberpunk aesthetic. We were impressed by the techniques and ideas employed to make such an elaborate effect, all with the functions of Clip Studio Paint!

Silver Award

  1. Ten brushes are introduced with animated gifs to show how to use them. These materials are perfect for those who want to draw cute illustrations, like in manga or chibi style. You can also see how much the author absolutely loves these materials!
  2. This Tip presents the process of creating an animation with keyframes by dividing a dog illustration into several parts. This is useful in different ways, such as how to stack layers so that a character's movement does look artificial. The video portion of the Tips was also excellent!
  3. Learn the basics of producing animations with keyframes in a short but well-designed and fun video and text tutorial. It also covers common mistakes made by beginners in their first animations and provides tips for making your own animations.
  4. This is a tutorial using Clip Studio Paint from start to finish, where you share photos taken with the smartphone version of Clip Studio Paint to the desktop version and add cyberpunk effects. We think the addition of metal and neon textures to the work would look great on social media!
  5. This technique for creating a cyberpunk style character from the silhouette of the human body is very interesting. Personalizing the character by starting with the silhouette and then gradually adding details is a really good idea. We also liked reading about how to edit your own photos in a cyberpunk style.
  6. The process of creating animated illustrations using keyframes is carefully explained step by step in this tutorial. It's an easy, practical course because you can follow the workflow in the video from the line art, the coloring, setting keyframes, and finishing details.
  7. This tutorial divides a character illustration into several parts and transforms it into an animation of a walk. It is full of clues to make your everyday illustrations move around a little. Although it is challenging to create a full-body animation at first, this Tips is also a useful reference to learn how to start adding movement to certain elements in an illustration, such as the arms or eyes.

Bronze Award

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