May 2021

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Out of the Tips posted between May 2, 2021 to May 31, 2021, the writers of the following will be rewarded a cash prize or GOLD!

The themes for the 25th round were How to Draw a Chibi, Animating your Art, and Isometric Art Guides. How to Draw a Chibi garnered the most entries this time, with loads of tips on how to manage the head-to-body ratio right while keeping them cute. In Animating your Art, the tutorials featured techniques that anyone can try to make their artwork move, like getting eyes to blink or adding fading effects. And in Isometric Art Guides, we were surprised to see all the different styles, from pointillism to watercolor and even game-like styles. We are now accepting submissions for June's themes and looking forward to your posts!

Video Award

  1. This tutorial was on the Chibi theme, which received the most entries this time. We rated this tutorial because of how thorough it was without overloading the reader with information. The way they used Lines of Action to make the Chibi movements dynamic was interesting. The video was also really relaxing to watch!

Gold Award

  1. This tutorial shows you how to draw lots of different shops using isometric techniques to build a shopping street. The way the writer made use of the perspective ruler settings in Clip Studio Paint to create an isometric ruler was very interesting to read.

Silver Award

  1. The main points for drawing a four-head-tall chibi character are set out very well in this tutorial. And you don’t just get the basics, but also pointers on facial expressions, hairstyles, kemonomimi, and little extra details to make your chibi characters even cuter, as well as an explanation of how to use the airbrush.
  2. This tutorial sets out five techniques and tricks to easily animate your comics. The simple illustrations make it easy to see changes that can be made with animation. In particular, you don’t have to do any extra drawing to master the disappearing effect they introduce, so it’s something we’ll definitely be trying out soon!
  3. If you’re one of those people who think it is too much work to draw out every frame of an animation, then this is the tip for you! See how easy it is to make an animation of a cat’s tail swaying just by duplicating and transforming layers. The result is super cute and makes us want to give it a go!
  4. Everything you need to know when drawing chibi characters is condensed into this tutorial! It's a must-read before you pick up a pencil or stylus! This step-by-step guide follows the artist's process and is full of diagrams, timelapses, and beautiful examples of works in process that show how to convert a full character drawing into its chibi counterpart!
  5. When you think of animation, you think of clear lines and colors. However, this tutorial shows you how to create traditional-looking, hand-drawn animations with blurry lines and a textured canvas. We hope this encourages more people who prefer drawing in a more traditional drawing style to try their hand at animating!
  6. We highly recommend this tip that explains both how to draw Chibi characters and introduces the artist's original method of drawing them. It's well-written, super easy to understand, and features many animated GIFs and a video as well!
  7. This hefty tutorial teaches you techniques for creating isometric art and the overhead approach that gives your art a natural depth and height like in a video game. You can also practice the points in the guide at your leisure by downloading the artist’s special ruler sets and grids!
  8. If you’re new to illustration, this is the tutorial for you! Once you’ve drawn your character, use these tips to create a moving image that looks like a scene from a cartoon - all while combining backgrounds and brushes from Clip Studio Assets. It helps bring your characters to life, so much that you’ll never get tired of looking at them!
  9. This tip shows you how to transform works into pixel art using isometric techniques. We love that it includes download links to the isometric grids (which are a bit of a pain to make yourself) from Clip Studio Assets, which let you can get down to business and put the techniques to use right away!

Bronze Award

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