How to use 3D drawing doll with "manga pers" setting




What is "Manga Purse"

One of the setting items of 3D drawing doll, it is a function to make part of the body look bigger than usual.

The perspective of 3D space (background) is as it is, and only the doll model can have its own perspective.

This time, I will introduce how to draw high-impact poses and compositions by using this "manga parse" for concept art.


First, decide on the concept.

This time, the theme was "the stage of the idol."




1) Arrangement of background (3D space)

The background uses "dance stage 01" of 3D object material.

2) 3D drawing doll loading

You can place a drawing doll on the same purse as the background by dragging the 3D drawing doll with the "Dance Stage 01" layer selected.


※ Perth is displayed when you click the ruler icon of the layer

3) Think of an angle and pose.

Specify the camera angle from the preset.

I will put a check from the icon surrounded by red.

Put on a pose.

4) Check "Manga Purse"

Select a model layer and open the tool properties.

Since there is an item called "manga purse", check it there.

It is a Perth with the left hand on the front emphasized.

You can adjust the size numerically.

I considered some patterns.

Small skill

※ This is a function of the EX version, but using LT conversion of layers makes lines and shadows clearer and easier to draw.

That's it for the layout.

As it is very easy when drawing rough when it is decided early in Perth and shade, please utilize it by all means.

Thank you for reading so far.




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