How to animate a cape in the wind


Hello! In this article I will show you step by step How to animate a layer in the wind in Clip Studio Paint.

This time we will have the character drawn in the background and we will only concentrate on animating the movement of the layer.
To do this, we will make 10 drawings of the moving layer, simulating the wind that exerts force and movement on the character's layer.

This animation may seem simple but the truth is that it is not, since we must create the sensation of wind in an object such as a layer.

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With nothing more to say, I invite you to see the following tutorial:

Tutorial: How to animate a layer in the wind

What do you think about the video? We saw step by step the main drawings of the animation of the moving layer, achieving a good Animation.

Now, I invite you to see the Animation that we have made in the tutorial.

Final Animation

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