How to clean a 2D Animation in Clip Studio Paint


Hello! In this article I will show you how to clean a 2D Animation in Clip Studio Paint, we will continue with the animation of the head turn of the girl we made in the previous article:

In this article we will realize a new stage of this animation, the famous "Clean up" or "Cleaning" of the Animation.

For them we will use the "Pen" tool using the "Real G Pen" Sub-tool, we will clean our animation, creating a new animation folder in the timeline.

But as I know that it is best understood by watching a Tutorial, I invite you to watch the following video where step by step you will learn to clean your animations:

Tutorial: How to clean a 2D Animation

What do you think about the video? It was a detailed video where I showed you how to clean an Animation.

Next, I invite you to see the final result of the Animation that we did in the Tutorial:

Clean animation of a head spin of a girl

Now we will begin to see the step by step to clean an Animation in Clip Studio Paint.

Step by step: How to clean a 2D Animation

We will continue with the Animation that we left in the previous article called:

To clean the Animation we will choose the tool "Feather", and in Sub-tool we will choose "Real G-Feather", you can choose any of the Sub-tool options. And in "Stabilization" in my case I leave it to the maximum, although it is to everyone's liking.

We go to the "Time Line" to create a new "New Animation Folder". Which is indicated by the following icon:

Remember that we can also approach in our work area with the tool "Zoom"

Also in the "Circle of Colors" we choose the color of the line of our Animation.

Having already all the previous steps carried out, we began to clean our Animation.

And that is how we managed to clean our first drawing, and this must be done with all the following drawings in our Animation, creating for each of them a "New Animation Cell".

In the eye layer we will create a "New Animation Folder" and perform the same steps indicated above, achieving the following result, which you could see at the beginning of the article.

In the next chapter we will see how to create masks in 2D Animation so that we can paint the animation of the girl's turn, that you can see in the following article:

I hope the article has been very useful and that you are encouraged to make your own creations in Clip Studio Paint.

I leave you a greeting, you are very well and until next time!


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