How to animate a dress in the wind


Hi! In this article we will learn step by step and drawing by drawing How to animate a dress in the wind in Clip Studio Paint.

We will see how to make all the drawings of this animation cycle, which will seem difficult but is simpler than you think. As long as we work in order our Animation.

Without further ado, let's go with the video:
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Tutorial: How to animate a dress in the wind

What did you think of this simple tutorial? As you could realize it is easier than you think and we can make really incredible animations.

We will make 8 drawings and the animation speed will be 8 FPS (Frames per second). After finishing the Animation we can extend each of the drawings to have a duration of 3 frames and we can finally change the speed to the animation at 24 FPS (Frames per second).

Now, I will show you a small tip so that you can begin to make this Animation in the best possible way:

Start by separating or dividing the parts of your character, in my case I have several layers which are the following and that you can see in the following image:

- Paper Layer: White Background Color.
- Layers folder: Original drawing of my character.
- Drawing layer: Top of my character's drawing.
- Animation folder: Where I will make the Animation of the Dress.

This is the Animation that you can achieve by following the tutorial step by step:

Tutorial Animation

I hope this article has been useful and that you manage to do this and many animations.

You already know that you can write to me under the article or directly in the YouTube video.

I leave a greeting, that you are very well and until next time!


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