How to make 2D Animation in Clip Studio Paint


Hello! In this article, you will learn how to make 2D animation in Clip Studio Paint.

This is a tutorial that I have been asked for a lot on my Youtube Channel.

I will show you the creation of an Animation project and its features.

Then we will see the Clip Studio Paint interface to activate the Animation tools.

So we will advance to create our structural animation and then our animation with details, integrating a character.

So without further ado, we start with the super tutorial:

Tutorial: How to make 2D Animation in Clip Studio Paint

What did you think of the tutorial? It was a bit extensive since I wanted to explain in detail how to make an Animation in Clip Studio Paint.

This is the result you can get following the tutorial step by step:

Animation sketch of a girl's head spin

Now we go with the step by step of the creation of the project of:

Step by step: 2D animation in Clip Studio Paint

First we open Clip Studio Paint and go to: File - New.
And we choose the type of project that we will carry out, in our case it will be a "Animation" project

We leave all the parameters as seen in the image, although in the case of the name of the story you can do it to your liking, in my case it is only referential.

This is how we managed to create our project by generating a workspace where we will make our animation in this way:

Then we must activate the "Timeline", so we go to: Window - Timeline

And the aspect of the Timeline is the following:

From here we will create empty spaces to make the drawings of our Animation.

For this we will create "Animation Cells" with the following option:

And to make the structural sketch of our Animation we draw with the tool "Pencil".

In my case, I will choose the brush called "Real pencil" in "Sub-tool":

In the window of the "Circle of colors" I will choose a blue color to draw the structural Animation, without details.

This is how I start to make the animation of a girl's head turn structurally, achieving the following result:

This is how we can achieve a simple animation, then we will create a "New Animation Folder":

For what? To make the drawing of our character on this structure, but in another layer.

Now doing the other drawings of the animation we can obtain the following result (that you saw at the beginning of the article under the tutorial)

In the next chapter we will learn how to make the Lineart of this Animation:

I hope the article has been very useful for you to start exploring this sensational software.

You can see that the animation tools it brings are great.

Any questions you can write me both under the article and in the YouTube video.

I leave you a greeting, you are very well and until next time!


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