Do you have enough highlights? Hen ~


Youth comics screens have more tones and darker screens than Shonen magazines, but it is still the “highlight” that narrows down such screens at the end.
Just by highlighting it, the screen will look three-dimensional and the food will look dramatically delicious.
Then, please refer to how you want to draw the highlight and how you want to draw it.


This is the background that the assistant drew. I added some highlights later because the plants looked a little bit.

I think that Monstera was lively and adapted to the screen as if it was reflecting the light.


Let's start with the process of processing up to the tone.

Now, here is the finishing touch. I will write the highlights generously, I will continue

How about it? It became a delicious meat dripping oil at once.
If you apply another effect from here, it will be like this.

After all, the food must be hot, and after drawing up to this point, the expression “delicious food” is reached.


How about it? I think you understand the importance of highlights.
If you draw a comic and think that the background and accessories will not be gorgeous, please add a highlight.
see you.
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