Ginokuma Growth Record and Memorandum -Let's Draw Color-


Cartoonists are not good at color. Because only black and white are drawn.
But if you say that, you can't sell a book with a cover.
Let's study Krista's color so that manga artists are not left behind by the ever-evolving civilization.


I caught a sudden moment. It is better to have a more concept, but this time I will paint it easily.


There is no line drawing at all. Because there is no need for time and it is difficult to fix the drawing later.
You can always draw up to this point, but there is also luck at that time, how much you will do your finishing. Here is my memorandum for me. Let's go crisp.

Once the face was flattened, the uneven light part was drawn again with the “light emission” layer. This brought out a little light reality.

I adjusted it with “Tone Curve” a little.

Drawing correction

Significant corrections have been made to unpleasant parts such as the mouth and eyes. It is also pretty cute.
Go to the final adjustment by flipping the last. I added orange to the color and added fine hairs. If you add a high-saturated color, it will disappear at once.

I drew it because I felt the back of my head was missing. The person in the back puts a light blue “screen” to give a little sense of perspective. (For today)

Reflection points

I think I was able to draw quite well, but isn't the expression of the roundness of the head still?
Next, I will draw an illustration of a good person next to it.


This article is also my growth record. I don't have enough skills to teach people yet, but if I forget it, I'll go back and forth, so I will take this opportunity to update it. See you next time.

By the way, the brush used here is posted here.
Please match.



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