Intro to Manga-ya (1)-Let's draw food from photos-


This article is a guidebook explaining the process to my assistant.
Let's draw a lot of high quality still life and background quickly.

I will draw this cake this time. The journey takes 10 minutes.

⑴ First, open the image with Christa.

⑵ Set this value with “Layer” → “LT conversion of layer”.

⑶ Basically, a dark screen for youth magazines is created with 4 gradations of “solid (100% black)”, “dark shadow (around 30%)”, “thin shadow (10%)” and “white”.

Let's tweak the values so that the contrast of these four gradations is beautiful while checking the preview and checking the image.

⑷ When you press “OK”, it looks like this. Let's draw the outline of the cake and so on because the main line is weak.

効果 It is completed with the effect of considering the situation with a glittering brush.

In this work, you can basically draw a still life system quickly.
* Please pay attention to the copyright of the photo when doing it in commerce. Use your own photos or photos with permission.

See you next time.


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○ From January to November 2019, “Drinking the Snow Woman and the Samurai” is being serialized at Kodansha “Weekly Young Magazine”.

○ From June to November 2019, Kodansha app “Comic DAYS” is serializing “Virgin” every other Saturday.

○ In 2016, the original manga “When the frog sings” was released at an e-bookstore from Hidetomi Sato Manga Manufactory.

○ "Egoist Blue" serialized in 2015 DeNA "Manga Box". 《Currently published up to 2 volumes of comics》



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