MIDSUMMER TRAVELER (Comments by Solmare Publishing)



Contest sponsor Solmare Publishing gave detailed advice on MIDSUMMER TRAVELER, an entry in the International Comic/Manga School Contest 2020.

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Pen name: Echo

School name: Wuhan Textile University

Country/Region: China

Language: English

Overall feedback


(1) The panels are uniform and feel a bit like a wasted opportunity. As the characters are drawn over the panels, you could shift the panel borders to guide the eye from left to right while smoothly showing the temporal and spatial shift.

(2) If they’re following the cat, you can indicate that by looking down. Placing the cat on the right side would smoothly lead the reader to the next page.


(3) What do you think of following the cat through the spread pages and building up expectations for the next page (page 9)?

(4) If they’re following the cat, you should be able to feel the cat’s presence.

(5) Show the distance between the cat.

(6) An image that builds up the scene at the top (beyond the stairs) or a front shot of the girl looking out at the spectacle could heighten the scene.


(7) This conversation in this spread feels disjointed.

(8) An answer to the question would be nice.

(9) An answer to this would be nice as well. It could be a “Nice to know” or something similar, and would connect the conversation.

(10) By adding an expression of silence, this would signify a conversation.

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