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1. Foreword

Hello, this is Animamoko.

For the time being, I have been using Crysta for 7 years to create various works.
We occasionally send information on how to use CLIP STUDIO PAINT on our blog and Twitter.

https://mocoartcook.com/ https://mocoartcook.com/

This is my first time posting to CLIP STUDIO TIPS.
It is intended for people who want to draw a magic team with CLIP STUDIO PAINT (CSP).

The magic circle can be drawn easily by using the special ruler/target ruler tool of CSP.

It may seem difficult, but don't worry.
We'll show you some practical patterns in the video so you can try it out right away.

Now let's learn how to draw magic circles! !!

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us on Twitter★


2. Tips and tricks for drawing magic circles

Here is a video that summarizes the contents of this time.


In the first half of the video, we will introduce the basics of drawing magic tricks and tips.
The second half of the video is an example speed painting.

3. How to draw a basic magic circle using a special ruler and a target ruler

3-0. Preparation when drawing a magic team / Basic pattern

The canvas size and resolution used for the explanation in the video (first half) are as follows.
・1,000 px × 1,000 px
72 dpi

There are three elements that are necessary for the magic team I think.
1 yen
2. Pattern
3. Character

For the time being, if you suppress these three, it will become a magic team like that.

★We have compiled a practical magic pattern, so please refer to it★

<Arrangement of circles and patterns>

<Arrangement of letters>

◆The magic team using the special ruler/target ruler introduced here is here◆

3-1. Draw a circle

・Create vector layer
・Create a concentric circle ruler
→ Aspect ratio 1:1
→ Set the position of the ruler to the center of the canvas
(Click the ruler in the state of the object tool)
(Set x and y to 1/2 of canvas size respectively)

・Draw a circle with the solid paint pen tool
→ Turn on "Snap to special ruler" at the top of the screen to draw a line in the shape of a special ruler
→ It will be interesting if you stack several circles

・Adjust the thickness of the circle
→ Click the circle with the object tool
→ Change the line thickness in the tool properties

3-2. Draw a pattern

・Create a new raster layer
・Create target ruler
→ Number of lines is 8 (OK as many as you like)
→ line symmetry ON

・ Make decorations with the lasso painting tool and pen tool

3-3. Draw characters

・Create a new raster layer
・Create target ruler
→ number of lines 8
→ Line symmetry OFF

・Write characters with the pen tool
→ The characters can be real characters or fictional characters.

・If you do not want to be affected by the ruler, turn off "Snap to special ruler".

4.TIPS: How to add effects to magic circles

・Copy and combine layers of magic circles
→ Delete the ruler
・Set layer color

・Duplicate the layer twice

・Gauss blur on the bottom layer
→ 20
・Gaussian blur on the second layer
→ 6
・Change the composition mode of the second layer
→ set to overlay
-Change the composition mode of the top layer
→ screen

*The background color has been changed for clarity.

・Create selection from the top layer
・Reduce selection
→ 2px

・Create a new raster layer
・Fill with layer color
・Change the composition mode
→ Dodge light emission

5. Techniques using other special rulers that can be used when drawing magic circles

5-1. Magic circle with multiple centers

All you have to do is create as many vector layers and concentric rulers as there are centers.

・Create vector layer
・Create a concentric circle ruler at the position where you want to write a circle

・Draw a circle with the solid paint pen tool
・Adjust the thickness of the circle

・When drawing patterns and characters, it is OK to align the position of the target ruler with the position of the circle concentric circle ruler.

5-2. Spiral magic circle

A radial curve ruler makes it easy to draw spiral patterns.
It is interesting to use this as part of the magic circle.

・Create vector layer
・Create a special ruler (radiation curve)
→Click at the point you want to curve
→ Double click at the end of the ruler

・Draw a circle with the solid paint pen tool

5-3. A magic team incorporating radiation

By using a radiation ruler, you can draw a line that extends neatly and radially.

・Create vector layer
・Create a radiation ruler

・Draw a line with the pen tool
→ You can make it more luxurious by decorating it with a lasso coating tool around this line.

5-4. Build a bridge between multiple magic circles

The parallel ruler is useful when you want to bridge multiple magic circles.

・Prepare multiple magic circles
→ Collect in folders
・Create vector layer
・Drag and drop from the start point to the end point where you want to build a bridge with a parallel line ruler
・Draw a line with the pen tool

If you leave it as it is, the lower pattern will be visible, so apply a mask to the lower layer.

-Select between lines with the selection pen tool
→Check "Snap is possible" in the tool properties
→ Erase the protruding part with "select erase pen"

*This selected area will be masked

・[Selection] menu → [Stock Selection]
・Create a stock of the selection range for the number of bridges

・Select all stocks and invert the selection range
・With the folder of the magic circle selected, click Create Layer Mask
→ This will remove the magic team only at the bridge.

*By using a layer mask, you can make everything other than lines transparent. It is convenient to save in PNG format.

・After that, draw your favorite letters and patterns.

5-5. How to draw when magic circles overlap

・Select the layer of magic team you want to overlay
・Click outside the magic circle with the automatic selection tool
→ The outside of the magic circle is selected

・Select the layer of the circle that overlaps below
・Create layer mask
→ Only the selected range will be displayed

7. Example applied to works (speed painting)

I will omit the detailed drawing of the work.
(This is because it has nothing to do with how to use the ruler, which is the theme of this time.)

Since I saw a rainbow recently, I chose "Rainbow x Magic Team" as the theme.

First, draw a silhouette of the magic team and the character while being aware of the overall image.
I thought it would be interesting if the witch was using a staff to generate a magic circle, so I decided to draw a witch.
Rainbow -> Rain -> The frog is associated with a frog on a cane.

Draw a rough.

Draw a line drawing of the character and the magic team.

Color it and you're done.

8.Summary: A magic circle can be drawn easily and fun with a special ruler and a target ruler.

Using a special ruler and a target ruler is very efficient because you don't have to do the same work over and over again.

Also, using a target ruler sometimes creates interesting patterns that you will be surprised by yourself.

You can draw magic circles very efficiently and fun, so please give it a try.

I hope you find it useful.

Feel free to send us your impressions and questions★



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