Magical Effects in a 2D Animation


Hello! In this tip I will teach you step by step how to add magical effects to a 2D animation in Clip Studio Paint.

What we are going to do:

We are going to work on this animation:

And we are going to transform it into this animation:

Everything in Clip Studio Paint 😉

To do this, I invite you to see the super tutorial where I explain step by step how to add magical effects to an animation in Clip Studio Paint:

VIDEO Tutorial: Magical Effects in a 2D Animation

🛎 Activate subtitles in:
Settings - Subtitles - Automatic Translation - Choose your language 😉

I remind you that my tutorial is in Spanish, but I always leave subtitles so you can see it in your language ❤ ️

Now, I would like to review what was seen in the super tutorial.

All the processes in this tutorial:

This is the animation we started working with.

Then we paint the animation of the effect, frame by frame.

Achieving the following result:

We also add a background to the scene.

This was the material that I downloaded and used, to obtain it I must have GOLD points.

Then I hid the edge lines of the magic effect

Adding Magic Effects

From here we start with the magic effects of fantasy animation, first we try Add (Shine) looking like this:

Add (Brightness)

Add (Brightness) + Blur (200)

Opacity (30% Base Magic Effect and 75% Blur Magic Effect)

Achieving the following result, more integrated, smooth and subtle.

Adding light to the magic effect

We create a new layer inside and with the brush tool we will add light to each of the animation frames.

Intense light + 75% opacity + Blur 200

After duplicating the magic effect layer again it will look brighter.

Gradient + Daytime Sky

Gradient + Overlay + Opacity 100%

Gradient + Overlay + Opacity 70%

We finish the animation achieving the following result.

I hope you liked this article and it has been useful, I gave you some tips but it is always good to try what works best according to the colors you have.

I leave you a greeting, that you are very well and until next time!



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