I tried to wake up the title with keyframes



I wrote "10 years", but it was still "9 years"
I made a terrible mistake
🚤 But I won't fix it 🕳

It is the prepared material

Image material "Snow 01"
You can download it at "Search for materials (CLIP STUDIO ASSETS)"

3D model "former Japanese large battleship"
This was recorded in "3D Data Collection Vol.8 Weapons / Guns / Motorcycles"
You can also find it in "Search for materials (CLIP STUDIO ASSETS)"

The title is a text using "wawati SC regular"
After changing to "Vector Layer" in "Convert Layer"
I added it and converted it to "Vector image material layer" again with "Convert layer"

What is "Title Raising"?

For old shooting methods such as animation in the days of film
By shooting the laid letters while actually getting up
Sometimes the title or telop was displayed,
It was rarely usable
・ Reference "Space Battleship Yamato (Title)" "Mondo Nakamura Makoto Fujita (telop)"
I think it was often used to describe the scene of printing a newspaper at an old movie newspaper company.
(For Sazae-san, even the ultimate thing called "Donden" existed as a matter of course.)
Thankfully, CLIP STUDIO PAINT can do it without keyframes.

Animation other than the title

With "new illustration"
Create a 1000 x 600px canvas

Paste the image material "Snow 01" on the canvas
I want to tilt it sideways and use it like outer space, so I set the value of "Rotation angle" on the "Tool property" palette to (-90).

I loaded a 3D battleship model (I turned it sideways for the time being)
There is no third bridge. It's SF to proceed with a screw!
The mysterious green color does not disappear

Display the "Timeline" palette
Create a "new timeline"
(Frame rate is 24) (Playback time is 8 seconds + 1 frame)
* This extra frame had no meaning.

Select the "Snow 01" layer on the "Layer" palette
Press the "Enable Layer Keyframes" icon on the timeline
Set "Keyframe Interpolation". Select "Keyframe to create: constant velocity"

Select (0 + 1) on the timeline
Set "Magnification" of "Transformation" on the "Tool Property" palette to (31.0).
Drag "Snow 01" on the "Canvas" to move it to the appropriate position.
You can also enter a value in (X and Y) of "Position" of "Transformation" on the "Tool Property" palette.
A keyframe is added to (0 + 1) on the timeline

Move to the last frame of the timeline (8 + 1)
Set "Magnification" of "Transformation" on the "Tool Property" palette to (29.0).
Drag "Snow 01" on the "Canvas" to move it to the appropriate position.
Keyframes will be added to (8 + 1) on the timeline

Select "3D Layer" on the "Layer" palette
Find a good angle to go somewhere in the universe

Press the "Enable Layer Keyframes" icon on the timeline
The 3D layer becomes an "image material layer" that cannot be freely transformed.
You can handle enlargement, reduction, movement, and opacity.

Select (0 + 1) on the timeline
Changed "Magnification" of "Transformation" on the "Tool Property" palette to (118.0).
You may also place it in a suitable place on the canvas.

Select (8 + 1) on the timeline
Changed "Magnification" of "Transformation" on the "Tool Property" palette to (100.0).
It seems that the position has also shifted a little (I don't remember)

Animation so far

I played with the color of "Snow 01" a little.
Use "New Tone Correction Layer"
"Gradient map" and "Hue / Saturation / Brightness"

I tried to color the "3D layer"
Two "gradation maps" and "hue / saturation / brightness"
"Clipping in the lower layer" so as not to affect "Snow 01"

This is the animation so far

I think there is a mysterious feeling that it is just floating in the vast universe.
* Battleship going through space (power unknown)

Create title

Create a title
The font I chose is "wawati SC regular"
It ’s a very cute font.
Since it is a Chinese font, if you are not careful, something that is not in Japanese kanji will be output.

I hidden the other layers because the back is noisy

Make each of this text a "Vector Layer" in "Convert Layer" in the "Layer" menu.
After that, adjust the position etc. to make it look like a title
Once the layout is complete, add a "new raster layer" and fill the text.
Select "Vector Image Material Layer" from "Convert Layer" in the "Layer" menu.

I'm sorry at the end
Set "Transformation Method" on the "Tool Property" palette to "Free Transform"
Move the lower right corner of the "canvas" text handle a little.

Select (4 + 13) on the timeline
Press the "Enable layer keyframes" icon
Set "Keyframe Interpolation" to "Create Keyframe: Smooth"

For convenience, round down the fractions of the "Transform" value on the "Tool Property" palette.
Keyframes have been added to (4 + 13)

Click (3 + 13) on the timeline
Added (60) to the value of (X) in "Upper left" of "Transformation"
The value of (X) in the "upper right" has been changed to (-60).

The value of (Y) in "upper left" and "upper right" has been changed to (480).
With this, the value of (Y) becomes a horizontal straight line and the layer becomes invisible.

Animation of rising text


Shows the layers that were hidden in the layer palette
That's it

The completed animation with a frame rate of 24 (the image size is small)
I also changed the keyframe a little at the end

I don't use any animation folders or animation cells
You can also do this with just keyframes

Also, although I am using a color correction layer
Since it can also be used for animation folders
I think you can play a lot


CLIP STUDIO PAINT 10th anniversary!
Thank you for always.

The 10th anniversary was next year! !! !! !! 2022 is the 10th anniversary
I made a mistake!



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