Quick Metals for Comics


This is a quick and easy way to add a metallic effect to jewelry that a character might wear in your comic. It works for necklaces and for embellishments on clothing.

First, we begin by adding two layers. Keep these two layers separate from the rest of the character’s colors.
Clip the top layer to the bottom one.
It should look something like this:

Next, selects your base color and fill in where you want your metal to be.

I used a light grey for the base of the silver

Next, we select a darker color and a lighter color. Depending on the color of my base, I will either use the “approximate color” pallet or slide around on the color wheel.
For silver, pick a darker and a lighter shade of grey.
For gold, you’ll want more of a brown color for the dark and a pale yellow for the light.
These are generally what I’ll use, feel free to use them (base colors are marked with <3):

For this next step, I like to use the soft airbrush tool.

On your clipped top layer, shade first with the darker color. I shade across the whole thing in diagonal lines. Try to leave some of your base visible.

Add your highlights right next to the places where you shaded.

Touch up any accessories as you see fit!

(For the cross specifically, I used the hard airbrush and L shapes around the corners.)

This also works with gold:

Thank you!



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