How to make an animation for 3 seconds or more with [Pro]


Good afternoon everybody! How are you?
I'm sure I'm drawing a picture 😊

ClipStudioPaint has a function to draw animation, doesn't it?
With EX, you can make a feature-length animation, but with Pro, you can only make an animation within 3 seconds 😭

But! If you use the "certain function" of the video editing software, you can create an animation of 3 seconds or more even with Pro.
If you have passion, making a feature-length animation is not a dream ... It's a lot of work, but 😓

This time, I will introduce the method, though it is a brief explanation.
Please take a look 😊

* When viewing, be sure to set "Automatic translation" to your native language.

I think this method makes editing easier.
The video below is a 6-second video produced in this way.
I would be happy if you could know that there is such a method.

Thank you for watching till the end 😊
And thanks to everyone who commented on other tips 😊

Everyone, please take care of yourself and draw a picture 😊

See you again 😊



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