Play with traditional watercolor style in digital watercolor


Hi! Hello everyone~

In CLIP STUDIO PAINT Ver.1.11.0, the watercolor brushes have been updated

You don’t have to worry about adjusting the brush just to paint watercolor flowers.

The texture of the built-in brushes has almost reached the traditional watercolor brush strokes

very useful

This time I use the watercolor brushes added in the official update

You can go to Assets to download and append to CLIP STUDIO PAINT to use

This Wet wash is used throughout the teaching process.

The downloaded brush can also be adjusted according to personal preference

I prefer to draw in normal mixed mode

If you like multiply, you can also use the original settings to draw

If you want to combine the two to make changes, you can also have different textures and flavors.

Can be changed according to personal preference

But this kind of brush of CSP is similar to PS

All belong to the more efficient use

For those with insufficient computer performance, it is recommended to set the brush size smaller

Or reduce some values to increase the speed of brush calculations

After choosing the pen

The next step is to start drafting

This time the teaching draws a happy frog enjoying the rainy day

In order to make the lines obvious

You can turn off the pressure sensitivity of transparency to draw dry brush watercolor strokes

CSP is very convenient for me

Especially it can quickly fine-tune this to the desired effect

Great help for drawing efficiency

First draw the prototype of the little frog

The lines after turning off the transparency look a bit like a slightly dry watercolor brush

Draw the situational scene after having the subject

It's a little frog standing in the open space soaking in the rain

Draft to completion of the composition stage

You can start thinking about light and shade

Set the desired light and dark positions in the early stage

Coloring later will reduce the trouble of some modifications

At the color selection stage, I prefer thicker colors

Plus the rainy day has a gloomy atmosphere

Therefore, in the selection of colors, colors with high chroma and low brightness will be used.

The color can also be adjusted at any time in various drawing stages

See what kind of atmosphere you want

Then slowly add details

The advantage of this pen is that you can directly paint texture

You can quickly strengthen the place you want to emphasize

The time-lapse video below shows the process of adding rain drops and water lines

The little rain slowly draws little by little

Also draw some raindrops on the frog

Small details can add a sense of liveliness to the picture

After slowly thinning, the rainy frog is finished

When everything is drawn

Finally, you can add texture to the picture

Can appear more watercolor paper touch

The material used here is still Assets

The picture is set to 55% transparency

You can also adjust it the way you like

This is the process and explanation of how I painted the rainy frog in watercolor

Insist on painting to the end with one brush

Because the versatility of this brush is enough

If you make good use of the subtle changes in pressure, you will be able to play more tricks

If you are interested in how I draw details

You can watch the time-lapse photography process after polishing

Thanks for seeing the end

Hope you enjoy this teaching




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