[Perspective] Introducing how to draw an unusually shaped building


The trick is "ON" "OFF"

hello! Everyone
How are you? I'm sure you're fine 😊
Do you draw a picture?

I'll do my best to draw it too 😊

Now, this time, I will show you how to draw a building using two-point perspective.

The upper floors have a strange shape, which may seem difficult for people who are not good at drawing in perspective, but it's actually easy.

The trick is to switch the perspective function between "ON" and "OFF".

When you finish watching the video, you will surely want to draw it.

I think that drawing in perspective will lead to your skills if you practice it little by little without overdoing it.
Let's enjoy drawing without giving up.

Please see if you like.

* When watching, you can understand deeply by setting "automatic translation" to your native language.

There is also a video of how to draw a building like this with a similar video.
Please see if you like.

Thank you for watching until the end.

I have posted a [Understanding] drawing video on YouTube for about 6 years.
I am posting videos of various ways of drawing, from how to draw a building like this time to portraits.

If you like, please visit my channel and watch it. Thank you.

See you again 😊



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