What is a comfortable room?





This article will basically not teach you the skills of drawing backgrounds. The content will mention my thoughts on "rooms", which may help you to have more ideas about creation before creating.

(Because it is a personal opinion, the concept of the content may not be correct, and it may not be recognized by you)




Start from my room

What does a comfortable room look like?

From a realistic point of view, I feel comfortable in my own bedroom.

But it must be emphasized here - "I think the background drawn and the scene in reality give people a different feeling".





Using a 3D model downloaded from the CLIP material store, I spelled out a room similar to my own bedroom.

The same is that there is a table next to the bed, the drawer is pulled out, and my drawing board is placed on it. For fear of cockroaches appearing suddenly, a can of insecticide is placed on the ground.

In reality, it is a room that feels like taking pictures as a reference image, and the drawn image will not look good.


So I simulated the environment with a 3D model and found that this scene is actually better than the image. Not too bad.

It can be said that no matter how this picture feels at present, the configuration in reality will make me feel comfortable.





But if I look at the scene from the perspective of a painter, I would feel that this room is too empty and too monotonous.

Should add some more objects, the picture will be more substantial.


Then after adding objects according to my look and feel, it will look like this.


At this stage, I went to discuss with my friends my thoughts on the picture.

And mentioned to him our theme - "comfortable room".

Here, our thinking is basically [the opposite].


✨ In his concept, a comfortable room depends on [storage].

He said: A good-looking room is to try to hide everything related to the sense of life, or to integrate the furniture into the shape of the room. And said, you can refer to IKEA's sample room.


So, in fact, he felt that the original picture without adding items was closer to his ideal.



✨ On the other hand, I value [the sense of life] very much.

A room that looks occupied is what is comfortable for me. For me, a room that feels "warm" and "relaxes" equals comfort.

And putting more things on the picture, in addition to enriching the picture, can also show the character of the owner of the room. In other words, you can add more [information] or [functionality] to the screen.


But my friend also said something very pertinent.

✨ "People with obsessive-compulsive disorder or accommodation disorder will feel bad at all when they see this kind of room!"


It made me understand that maybe his idea actually met more people's definition of "comfortable room".





After that, a friend gave me more specific suggestions for improvement.

1. Remove the water bottle from the ground.

2. Do not put cardboard boxes on the cabinet, the texture is too poor in appearance. If you want to put a box, you should also put something that feels more advanced.

3. Do not put the earphones there.

And he said, I put these three things, which made him very uncomfortable. XD"



After that I replaced the cardboard box with a gift box. Headphones are mounted beside the desk.

And asked a friend again.


What do you think is the better picture compared to my original picture without any additions?

He chose the revised one.


So when we found a balance, adding more things to the picture, I think it is a worthwhile attempt.



A room that looks comfortable may not be reasonably comfortable

Then, I used 3D to show a picture of the study to my friends.

My friend thinks there is nothing wrong with this picture, it looks very comfortable.

Then I told him the reason I would come up with this picture.


I don't think that in reality, very few people put heavy books on the table and stack them so high.

Because it is very inconvenient if you want to hold the books placed below.


In addition, I also think that in reality, it is not common to place plants in such a position as a decoration in a place similar to a library.


But I also agree that these two elements are reasonably present in the picture, and such arrangements are actually very common in graphic works.



✨ In reality, the way of placing objects that may make people uncomfortable can appear in pictures that make people feel comfortable, so sometimes, I think that imagine the composition of the picture, maybe it does not require too much rationality.

(If the idea is too realistic, it may sometimes suffer)



The comfort of pictures may have nothing to do with reality


Is the sofa good to sleep on? I'm not sure,

But I deliberately chose a sofa that is not long.


If I don't specifically point this out, do you find this picture comfortable at first glance?



The sofa, gave me the impression that it should not be a proper place to sleep.

So I wanted to see if it would be comfortable to look like this if the character wasn't lying on the bed?


I shortened the sofa on purpose to see where the bottom line is.



I showed this picture to my friend, and he immediately complained:

"It's uncomfortable to sleep with your feet hanging in the air, so make the sofa longer!"


Facts have proved that actions that are too contrary to realistic logic will obviously be caught.




So I changed to a longer sofa.


From a realistic point of view, this sofa is obviously more suitable for sleeping than the previous one.


But I found that this sofa is still not good, because my friend said:

"It looks too hard and uncomfortable at all."


Here comes an important point.

The sofa should be soft in the impression of most people,

But if you look at some real photos of people sleeping on the sofa,

Most sofas also do not deform due to the weight of a person lying on them.

The seat cushion will not have a noticeable sag.

And, there are sofas of this shape in reality.




So I think it's time to return to thinking on images.

The square gives a "hard" feeling visually, while the round gives a "soft" feeling.

In order to give the sofa a soft feeling in the picture, it is necessary to reduce the edges and corners of the sofa as much as possible and add a little more radian.


After the sofa was replaced with this one, my friend was finally satisfied.


Based on this, in reality, maybe the sofa in the second picture and the third picture can make you sleep well.

But there are other reasons in the image that can affect its comfort level,

Will pick more furniture styles than reality!



Is there a way to make people feel comfortable in a not-so-good environment?

I think about this because, I think most places where scenes are needed,

Most of them still hope that some messages can be conveyed to the audience in the scene,

Or the scene itself has its functional existence.


You can't expect a scene that needs to be handled by yourself, it's set in a 100% comfortable environment.

But these scenes need to appear in front of the audience,

Can't make it look too bad and offensive, right?

As usual, I made a picture of the tent to show my friends.


Me: "Do you think this picture looks comfortable?"


Friend: "It's okay."


Me: "But it doesn't fit what you call a quality life. (There are cardboard boxes in the tent)"


Friend: "Go mountaineering, how good do you need to be?"


Me: "Actually, this is not a tent for climbing, but a tent for the 'wanderer'."


Then I asked my friend again if his perception had changed because of this, and he felt no.

The picture isn't as comfortable, but it doesn't offend him.



Strictly speaking, the pictures I made, the items look too new.

It may not match the perception in reality.


But I want to discuss this issue, also because I want to share by the way,

I personally think that how to draw some environments that are not rich enough to make people look good, the focus is on "cleanliness".

Even if the items in the room are old or not furnished, they should be neatly arranged.


I heard a teacher from the school say: "If you want to shoot a place where the poor live, the things in the room should not be thrown around. You must make people feel the "dignity" of the owner, so that the finished product will look good. ”


This sentence is because I can agree with it, so I have remembered it for so many years.



Personally, I also think that many people may live in an environment that is not very comfortable in reality.

Turning them into images has the potential to become a comfortable environment.



I think this month's theme is very interesting. The first thought I saw when I saw the theme was "the comfort that I feel in reality must be different from the feeling in the picture."

Just because my basic knowledge feels this way, I can't immediately give a clear answer to the question "What is a comfortable room?" This article has been dragged on for so long in order to clarify the differences.


In conclusion, I still feel that it is important to clarify the gap between reality and pictures.

No matter what you realize in reality, the picture needs you need to draw may also be different from your feelings.



Off topic.

[If you want to draw the background from scratch]

I used to work as a cartoonist's assistant. At that time, I needed to draw the apartment room where a cartoon character lived. Because I thought that this scene might be repeated in the future, I first drew a floor plan of the interior for the cartoonist to see.

Although I have drawn a floor plan, I have read the teacher's comic storyboard before designing, and I know what items are generally needed in the room, such as the TV that the characters will watch, and the coffee table that can discuss things. The storyboard has actually pre-determined where the main furniture will appear on the screen.

So I think to paint a background, first of all, it is necessary to know what the painting mainly wants to present, what function it should have, and the most important thing is to be able to place the key point that you want to present in the right place on the screen.

The floor plan is not the first thing to draw




Hope this article can help you.



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